Each month, we scout our new domain registrations for the coolest and most premium domain names. And this month’s roundup is looking as stellar as ever!  Here are some of the premium domain name registrations from the Radix TLD offerings: 


Built by a passionate group of crypto enthusiasts, Jpeg.store is the #1 marketplace for those looking to buy or sell Cardano-based NFTs.  jpeg_store


APG.fun is a deflationary token, with the most aggressive burning rate in the community. Doing things differently since its official launch, APG is a valuable specimen in the community.  apg_fun


Squid.online consists of 1000 NFT characters created in 3D. Their first collection will be from the South Korean Metaverse, thereby giving everyone the chance to acquire or buy their favorite characters.  squid_online


Pixels.online is a platform that gives people the chance to import existing NFTs by simply connecting their Metamask. It also allows one the chance to own what they earn by storing any progress on the blockchain.  pixels_online


Zos.tech is an efficient programmable operating system with a unified “library” protocol, powerful for developing relatively complex large-scale applications. zos_tech


With a passion for the iGaming industry and knowledge of AI and machine learning, the creators hope to bring about solutions for the iGaming ecosystem.  playa_tech


Fig.site is a Figma plugin that converts designs to code, thereby turning files into websites and frames into pages! fig_site


One Love Foods is a food pick-up and delivery website that’s based in Lagos and caters to a wide range of cravings with its vast menu! olf_online Have you come across any cool websites on a Radix TLD? Let us know!