Looking for a goofy website, a comedy blog or a place to show
off your favorite pastime? .FUN has you covered. The FUN side of every brand.

85 premium names sold through registrars at an average retail price of $2500/year

Fun travel package - 13 names package picked up by a prominent VC for $55,699/year

Why .FUN

.FUN is a web address for individuals or organisations who wish to entertain the target audience, or engage them in a fun way. A .FUN extension creates a brand image that is seen as young, vibrant and flexible - apt for an entertainer.

.FUN is for







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  • www.Placesfor.FUN

  • www.Ifibiz.FUN

  • www.Healthy.FUN

  • www.mesher.FUN

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Placesfor.Fun helps parents in Australia locate safe and fun places to spend time with their kids. Whether it is a local playground or play centre, restaurant with play equipment, or an overseas kid friendly resort or theme park.


FIBIZ is a financial technology company that develops innovative concepts for financial trading, using cutting-edge technology combined with sophisticated design.
The FIBIZ trading game is a unique trading game that enables currency trading in 30,60 and 90 seconds. FIBIZ is the only game that allows trades to start at just $0.20!


This german website is aimed at eating and living healthy more fun. With its detailed recipes and posts on everyday plants that can be used to impart various medicinal qualities, the website is sure to help you make your healthy journey more fun.


Mesher is an open organizer that connects you to the world. To do more with friends, to plan the awesome paths you’ll take, and to never fall behind. Fun’s here.

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