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Radix provides domain registration services through Radix Accredited Registrars. You are encouraged to report any form of abuse activity (spam, phishing, adware etc) with a Radix domain name directly to its Registrar on record

Process for Reporting Abuse

An abusive domain name is typically one that is used intentionally or unintentionally to harm internet users in terms of financial losses, data theft or generally effecting their presence on the internet. To report a domain that is in violation of our Domain Abuse Policy, please follow the steps given below:

  • Please report domains including, but not limited to; phishing, malware distribution, child exploitation or any illegal / unlawful activity by filling the form given below. You may submit multiple domains in the same complaint

  • Please enclose evidence of abuse or the activity in question in form of text. For example; to report a spam complaint, kindly submit the header and body of the spam email or a URL for phishing or malware complaints

  • Send the report detailing the breach to or to
    Attn: Compliance Department,
    Directiplex, Next to Andheri Subway,
    Old Nagardas Road,
    Andheri (East),
    Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069, India

    Our Abuse Desk shall review the complaint and shall reply to you at the earliest

Alternatively, you may contact us through the web form
Please fill the field before continuing
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Radix and its subsidiaries are committed to the stable and secure operation of its TLDs. Abusive use of domain names creates security and stability issues for registries, registrars and registrants – as well as for users of the Internet in general. Accordingly, Radix requires that every domain name in its TLDs and Registered Name Holder adhere to this Acceptable Use and Anti-Abuse Policy.

Suspended/ServerHold Domain Lookup Tool.

This lookup tool checks to see if the Domain you enter is currently Suspended.

If your domain is Suspended by us, this lookup tool will give you the information of the action and how you can get it unsuspended.

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