Radix is more than just about domain registrations; we want to ensure that the customers that choose Radix domains are assured of the best experience and the most stable domains.

While users focus on building upon their ideas and businesses on a Radix domain, we do our bit to ensure that their websites and web services are always up! Reliability and Stability - our core focus areas.

All Radix domains are enabled with Dual DNS Power. In addition to the DNS setup provided by our backend Registry platform CentralNic, we have partnered with Akamai - a leading DNS provider that backs powerhouses like Adobe, Airbnb, Ubisoft & Viacom to offer rock-solid DNS services for all our domains.


Akamai’s global Anycast network provides a dual layer of DNS stability and empowers Radix domains with a global network spread across locations including London, Seattle, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Seattle and Shanghai.

Active/Active failover between constellations at each location ensuring redundancy

Global active/active load balancing using Anycast

5.67 millionDomains


306,786,649+DNS queries every week

45+Dual DNS network

Radix has engaged CentralNic to be the exclusive Registry backend provider for our entire TLD portfolio. CentralNic is known for its powerful registry engine and excellent track record in providing registry services, distribution, and strategic consultancy for Top Level Domain Names.

The CentralNic platform is the largest new gTLD backend provider and has over 8 Million+ new domains on its system. It has an eighteen year track record of uninterrupted and unblemished service and is supported by innovative marketing and personal customer service.

This flexible and scalable platform is above ICANN specification for new TLDs and is used by 40+ new gTLDs like .art, .love, .wiki and .design. CentralNic also uses their in-house developed IT platform to distribute 30 country specific TLDs like .in.net, .uk.com, .us.com, etc.

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