Radix Success Stories


Ever since Josh Tillman had acquired the new moniker, Father John Misty, the domain FatherJohnMisty.Store seemed to be a great name for his merchandise store. The website easily resonates with his fan following all over the globe and has been a great extension to Josh’s new identity.

Nate Murray

Principal at Merchline FatherJohnMisty.Store

The Khalid store is a spectacular bridge that connects the star with his massive fan following. We wanted to give it a brandable name that is easily relatable by Khalid fans the world over. Khalid.Store was the most obvious choice and it has built a brand for itself very quickly.

Nate Murray

Principal at Merchline Khalid.Store

The Dude Perfect merchandise has a huge fan base and the collection is constantly evolving with the addition of new products and styles. We needed an online storefront that would make these products easily accessible to the fans of Dude Perfect. We chose DudePerfect.Store because it was an excellent name to brand our store with. Also, it has been intuitively memorable for our dedicated fan following which is brilliant.

Nate Murray

Principal at Merchline DudePerfect.Store

Shadow is fundamentally a high-tech company. The investors at Shadow have a strong technical background and the founding team has worked in some of the most advanced technology companies and industries before. We are proud of our tech roots and .TECH reflects this origin.

Asher Kagan

CEO Shadow.tech

Our designer Rudolf Ammann, who is a member of the editorial board, spotted the new .PRESS domain when we were making plans for a separate new website, away from the main university site. The choice helps to convey very directly what we are and what we do – we are part of a new wave of small independent and university presses that are experimenting with form, content, and method.

Dr. Susan L. Greenberg

Department of English and Creative Writing Fincham.press

We wanted to promote only positive stories. Fun was the best choice for this. For us, FUN means Good and Positive. We Pre-registered Banter.fun from GoDaddy. .Fun is easy to pronounce as compared to other TLDs, and it leaves a great impression on our clients and sponsors.

Ashish Gaba

Owner Banter.fun

A fellow author recommended the .Press domain. Karenlordrutter.press has become the one stop shop for my readers to learn more about my characters, my writing, the Appalachian Trail, and author events. It is also a resource for teachers using the book in the classroom. Readers can find more musings, adventures, and discussion through the blog tab. It has become a place to hang out and learn or merely enjoy funny videos and beautiful photos.

Karen Lord Rutter

Owner KarenLordRutter.press

Being able to link or share ByteMyBits.tech quickly to direct people to my YouTube landing page is effective and very professional. It is like the difference of seeing an email being amateurish like companyname@gmail.com versus Personsname@companyname.com. The latter looks like they have got their stuff together.


Owner ByteMyBits.tech

When we did our branding research, one of the primary goals was to transmit the fundamental emotion that will enable people to connect with our products: Fun. We were thrilled to find that we could use .fun as a suffix for our domain thereby completing our online branding concept.

C Colton

Owner BeCubed.fun

We chose .SITE for better branding and because it is easy to remember. Ping-My-Site means to check my site. PingMy.Site is shorter as compared to pingmysite.com which is longer and is in fact, a premium domain name that is already taken.


Official Website PingMy.Site

From 2013 until 2015 we focused only on the Brazilian market. From 2015 we decided to serve clients outside Brazil, initiating a process of change of brand. In 2017, we adopted .HOST as our primary domain extension since it clearly highlights our goal and what we specialize in. It is a fantastic domain for us. Since we work in the technology space, we have always wanted to highlight the aspect of innovation and using a truly innovative domain extension like .HOST has helped us do that. It has worked very well.

Thiago Santos

CEO Impreza.Host

We chose the .SITE domain for two reasons; First, it is different from the more traditional domains and secondly, it describes our business because we want to share equipment with "construction SITEs" or "Production SITEs". We hope that it actually will help us in building a strong online brand because of these two reasons. The fact is that the traditional domains are pretty boring so we figured why not try something new and different?

Keijo Loisa

Board Member Sharesite.site

Because our imprint is called Elsewhen Press (we’re a small press!), it seemed obvious that we should migrate our website to a .press domain. Although we registered the domain when it became available, we migrated our website to it slowly because at first most people were so unfamiliar with the idea that many frequently tried to add .co.uk or .com at the end. It is becoming better understood now though and is also a talking point when we share our domain address with people.

Peter Buck

Director Elsewhen.Press

I chose the .site domain because I wanted to be different and modern. The trends were already revolving around new TLDs taking over and dominating the future of the web, and I did not want to stay behind this trend. I specifically chose .site because I really wanted to create a reference site for a topic as popular as obesity. My customers have noticed this branding difference and have made my website as a brand that they talk about in a natural way like they would for any other .com, .net or .org website. In fact, this difference makes my brand unique and helps people to avoid making typos or when sharing it. I think it is one of the best decisions around my project.

Martin Calzadilla

CEO OnBodyShop.site

I wanted my site to be reflective of who I am and everything I do online. I had it set up as a regular blog in the past but recently I’ve set it up as a sort of hub so that people can follow or subscribe to the parts that they are interested in most. So, I have a section for my freelance writing, a section for my indie author posts, a personal blog that is for whatever I feel like writing about, and a section that covers everything else. I like that it is several sites within many sites and the .space domain seems to work really well with what I have set up.

Danielle McGaw

Owner dani.space

We thought it was super cool to have a .tech domain. It allowed us to have a separate website that we could link to from other websites which looked and felt like a standalone entity, separate from the messaging that we had on metamesh.org, the primary website of our non-profit.

Adam Longwill

Founder metamesh.tech

We stand for innovation and the promise of a better world made possible by technology. CES® is well known as the foremost innovation event in the world & we are happy to have selected a domain name on .TECH that conveys what we stand for in a succinct way.

Jeff Joseph

Senior Vice President, Communications and Strategic Relationships ces.tech

We needed a simple yet brandable domain name for our official merchandise store. We chose .STORE because it aligned with our vision for this retail outlet as well as helped us create a clear visibility for it. .STORE is refreshing and gives us a unique way to brand and promote our storefront.


Official Store emirates.store

Since SuccessValley is a tech startup, it’s more appropriate to use a .tech domain because it makes the domain name brandable, memorable and innovative. Our domain brand is helping us get registered members every day and currently, we are working to connect with Startup League to help position our unique brand in international conferences and events.

Amenorhu Kwaku

Founder SuccessValley.tech

We have always been supportive of innovation and technology. And that’s how our company is shaping into become. Due to this reason, we decided to pick up a .tech domain. It is also an indicator of who we are as a company and where our expertise lies in. People have started recognizing us as a company that can work with various technologies and one that has diverse experience as probably compared to a .AI or a .IO company domain. It helps us reach a specific band of customers very easily as well.

AM Aditya

Founder xaltius.tech

The .tech domain not only defines our business and passion for the tech world but also ensures that we present a professional image for everyone in the industry. Our brand can be recognized as forward-thinking since it highlights all the tech-related services and products that we offer. We can proudly say that MamaHelpers Technologies is at the helm of modern technologies!

Amanda So

COO & Founder mamahelpers.tech

It was an obvious choice. We are a MarTech company that’s using technology to disrupt the way businesses interact with consumers. Having a .tech domain helps us reinforce our reason for existence.

Nav Singh

Co-Founder stamplet.tech

As our company is called Lightly Technologies using a .tech domain was the perfect fit for us. It’s given us a short, modern URL that really stands out for emails and website links.

Matt Hanbury

Founder lightly.tech

Not only is the entire URL shorter and easier to remember but it ties in great with the type of content I am producing.

Edgar Oganesyan

Tech Influencer edgar.tech

We saw that .tech is the best choice as we’re a tech-company – we could highlight our tech-expertise and involvement. Our page visitors would already know what the company is about and as it’s something new it might even be easier to remember. I think we made a right choice as .tech domain creates uniqueness and it’s easy to build a brand around it. Traditional ways are of course .com, but nowadays when most of the premium domains are already taken you have to be smart to find the right and suitable domain for your company. Companies should not live under the old dogma, where all domains should be built around .com, but rather find a smart solution, which highlights your creativity and focus. I think it mostly depends, who are your customers and what’s the business behind the domain, but for us working in enterprise and b2b makes the .tech domain a great way to be innovative.

Martin Piirmaa

COO & Founder autobahn.tech

We knew we wanted an online presence as a store and the .store domain seemed exciting and original. We get asked about our .store domain choice a lot so it’s a good talking point for our brand. We hope to benefit from this new and exciting domain style.

Marcus O Donovan

Founder husk.store

When I started designing my first website, I was thrilled to find the .store domain available. It was a great way to show people who found my business that my main focus was to offer products. It helps people understand a bit about the core of my business right from the beginning!

Amy Guerrero

Founder MossPointsNorth.store

We opted for a .store domain because we wanted to clearly distinguish our eCommerce site from our content site, and the store extension helps in our organic search rankings. We also see more and more large brands utilizing .store domains and we felt it was a smart move for our business.

Bret Contreras

Founder BretContreras.store

The word Sweetheart has everything I was looking for in a name and .store domain was the perfect addition to it, creating a cohesive image of what my business is about.

Chef Alexandra Razumova

Founder sweetheart.store

I chose a .store domain because we are an eCommerce marketplace platform for specialty brick and mortar retailers and the .store domain extension makes a lot of sense and adds relevance to our business.

Dan Fairbanks

CEO & Co-Founder xion.store

We chose a .store domain because we are a store by yogis. We wanted this to be a super clear message to all our potential customers. .store was a great fit!

Lucy Edge

Founder YogaClicks.store

The Paris Motor Show organized a full day of conference and a startup competition dedicated to the future of transportation and mobility in 2016. The event was named Mondial Innovation Forum and the website was hosted on www.mondial.tech. The brand name and the event are now called Mondial.tech. We choose a .tech domain name as it shows a strong focus on technology and its impact on the automotive industry. The organizers of Paris Motor Show loved the website Mondial.tech so much that they finally changed the name of the event to Mondial.tech!

Ben Costantini

CEO, Startup Sesame mondial.tech

Our .STORE domain is great because it says exactly what we do. We are a store and we sell a sense of wonder. Our domain name is open and direct.

Alex Berezovskiy

Founder & CEO wonder.store

We already had a domain with our country code top-level domain but then we got a cool invitation to join Radix and the Startup League. We are marketers, yes, but also geeks and programmers and designers and very technology oriented and we want to create things. It just felt like a no-brainer to use .tech so that in the future if need be, we could do things that might not even be restaurant related. Who says we could not have a biotech company with this name? And it has worked, some people have asked us to do work that has indeed nothing to do with food and since the architecture of our platform is flexible, we can use it for markets like insurance or dentistry! At the same time, it also works for the restaurants to trust that we know what we are doing when we start talking about apps, AR, AI and other tech terms that other companies would not talk so much about.

José Daniel Leal Avila

CEO & Founder Foodstamp.tech

Since ifna .com, ifna.net, ifna.org were already taken, we had to use ifna-int.org which was not really relevant. The .site extension sounds better and is easier to use. It is easily understood and works in our favour for our visibility

Pascal Rod

Executive Director ifna.site

Being able to grab a three letter domain (on .host) in 2014 was a pleasant surprise!

Chris McGuire

Founder wso.host

As a UK web hosting company it totally makes sense to own a .host domain name. It also allowed us to shorten our domain name from 11 characters (ioxhost.com) and 13 characters (ioxhost.co.uk) to just 8 characters (iox.host).

Daniel Collins

Founder iox.host

I’m always an early adopter with technology, I recommend getting a .host in place for your hosting business while things are still in the beginning stages. In a year or two, it will be the norm, and you will be late

Austin Ginder

Founder anchor.host

It was simple. We needed something that showcased the fact that we indulge in cutting edge technology and .tech was a no-brainer.

Hemanth Velury

CEO & Co-founder VirtualSpace.tech

The .tech domain captures what we want to communicate to our customers without us having to say too much. We are a technology company, the tech we build and provide is very focused on bridging the gap between consumers and developers and we think having a .tech domain says all of this. For us, it also represents something new. Consumers of the apps won’t always expect a .tech domain extension, so when they see our domain or visit us, we think it carries that shine that comes with a new product you’ve bought. And to the less tech-savvy, it seems somewhat futuristic.

Courtney Robinson

Software Engineer bloch.tech

We chose the vempathy.tech domain name because it is most relevant to the business that we are building. Our vision is to help companies build empathy with their customers using video analysis technology so a .tech domain name was relevant for us.

Paul Cheek

Founder vempathy.tech

The choice of a .tech domain was appropriate at the time because we were fundamentally creating a technology development organisation. There are benefits of being able to distinguish our brand in the technology space.

Ken Marke

CMO b3i.tech

I chose .tech because it communicates quickly and clearly that our company is about technology and it seems pretty cool.

Linda Ziemba

Founder & CEO AeroDefense.tech

We wanted a simplified domain that was easy to remember and embodies what we represent. Using a .tech domain was a natural fit not just because of our name but also because it described a future that perfectly matches our company vision: disruption.

Mario Facussé

Founder & CEO xyber.tech

We choose the .tech domain for a number of reasons. First, we owned the .com and .net domain for our company name but we wanted to shorten our name and that was not possible with those domain extensions. Second, we looked at other domain names like .io (which has been very popular) but we felt that io would seem confusing to those who were not from the tech industry. Thirdly, we chose to rebrand to Stronger International because it told the client what we did, but it still didn’t tell them what industry we were in. We liked Stronger but wanted people to know that we were in technology. The .tech domain name was a great solution. Our name became: Stronger.tech - short, powerful, and conveyed what we do and which industry we belong to. We love our domain name. We get lots of questions and compliments for it. It is unique, but so is our company. We would choose the name again if given the choice.

Heather Stratford

CEO stronger.tech

For me, .tech is important as it truly represents what we, at Sentient Machines, care about - developing the most cutting-edge technology in the space of Natural Language Processing. This is very different from building a consultancy business or what we traditionally know as a business since the focus is purely on innovation and technology.

Dr Danica Damljanovic

CEO & Co-founder SentientMachines.tech

Our .tech domain helped us showcase the tech DNA of our company. It has also been a way for us to create our difference with an unusual domain name. It has been powerful in search engine referencing as well.

David Baranes

Co-founder armis.tech

Our name had Technologies as a suffix so our .tech domain reflects who we actually are – a technology company. .tech domain names are different and smart (two qualities that we wanted our business to reflect). .tech domains easily catch attention and so, it was an easy choice to select it for our business.

Khushru Doctor

Founder taasha.tech

.tech is one of the most popular domains in the startup ecosystem worldwide. In particular, I got connected with various startup companies through the Startup League, the startup support program by Radix. Through the Startup League, we went to RISE (Hong Kong, 2017), where I met many entrepreneurs and engineers with similar mindsets. We exchanged contacts and hopefully we will have a chance to collaborate in future.

Peter Chung

Founder HabHub.tech

Daan means Damian plus Antoine (my name and the name of my co-founder). We chose .tech since we are a technology company and we really believe in progress through technology.

Damian Py

CEO & Co-founder daan.tech

The unabbreviated name of my firm is actually Firedove Technology (although just about everyone, including myself shortens it to Firedove). Ergo, the .tech domain name was perfect for us! Our entire domain name, including the extension, was our firm name. How cool is that? It’s really given us an edge over our competitors. People think we really know our stuff and it gives prospective clients the immediate impression that we are invested in technology. It has also made us much more unique in comparison to our competitors. A lot of businesses have a .com but when someone sees a .tech domain, it makes them pause and take a second look. .tech domains cut through the noise.

Robbi Katherine Anthony

Founder FireDove.tech

Populo means people in Latin. Essentially, connecting people through technology is at the core of what we do. Therefore populo.tech was an apt domain name for us. I think it will be very helpful in the next few years when we expand our product offering.

Amrit Rupasinghe

CEO populo.tech

We have been able to set our ourselves apart as a platform in the business of connecting people, one job at a time. Our .tech domain has helped us yield positive results in our marketing efforts. The domain name has successfully enhanced our user engagements as it imparts a strong feeling of brand trust.

Nonso Ezebuiro

CTO HireFreeHands.tech

Our .tech Domain has helped us show our website visitors that we are dedicated to the technology that sits behind what we do and that our company revolves around technology. And so, it makes a great domain for our company.

Glyn Cotton

Founder watr.tech

Usually, people love our .space domain name! They say, “it’s cool!”. We personally like it very much as it specifies where our mind is set!

Marta Lebrón Gaset

Communications and Social Networks Manager zero2infinity.space

Not being common and fitting perfectly with our activity, the .space domain was a natural choice for us. As Space activities are increasing, I am sure the .space domain name has a bright future coming ahead.

Jordan Vannisten

Co-founder & CEO odysseus.space

Since our business is all about space technology, the .space domain name fits perfectly with our core competence and industry niche.

Robert Feierbach

Vice President sis.space

It was a simple choice. I always look for new trends, and I was aware of the new domain .space being available. So I thought that would be a great name – a space for the best dev teams! I think other companies should take advantage of innovative new domains such as .space too.

Alexy Semeney

Founder DevTeam.space

Since the brand is called Earthling, a .space domain seemed fitting. The ethos of the company is about making things better for individuals and the collective planet, in other words, making space for a new generation focused on health, wellness, and consciousness.

Jill Volat

Founder EarthlingBeauty.space

We chose .space because it is a clear and intuitive domain name that denotes a clean and uncluttered web address – just what we needed to get the Artecology name out into the world! However, Artecology is all about space, about volumes and areas in the urban environment and about our shared uses and experiences of these spaces with the natural world. I’m certain that this congruity between the name and purpose has also helped to reinforce our message.

Ian Boyd

Director artecology.space

We are a telecommunication company that utilises space infrastructure for serving its customers, this is where .space came in. Besides, we are an innovative startup and want to be different, we ride the latest wave of trends in the startup world, we move and adapt quickly, it is in our DNA and it makes us different from big elephant corporates, and an application-related domain is one of those things.

Omar Qaise

Chief Executive oqtec.space

We chose the .space domain because loop.space was unique and provided an identity that was immediately identifiable. Furthermore, it allowed us to optimize our SEO/SEM to build brand value.

Chi Tran

Founder loop.space

The .space domain extension has gained commendable popularity among coworking communities because it fits perfectly with their core competency. Personally, I like names that are short and make perfect sense and, so we opted for GlenX.Space. The .space domain name has served us well for our brand, and we appreciate it being (easily) available. Within the coworking community, everyone knows of it and many are using it as part of their web address. Not only that, the .space extension is becoming a trend that is publicly recognized as a ‘cool domain extension’ for coworking brands.

Altai Chuluun

Founder & President GlenX.space

.store is going to be the future of eCommerce, it sounds very familiar to shopping online. We choose .store because we had a plan to set up a one-stop online store and it is perfect for our business. It sounds a bit different and new to customers and also defines our business effectively.

Vikas Bhardwaj

Brand Manager farmerz.store

We choose .store because it’s simple and direct and it helps us to define our online retail identity and visibility.

Quinn Albertina

Brand Director vinn.store

At Twirl, we believe that every person is unique and their purchased products should be distinct as well. Further, Twirl’s philosophy of creating a sustainable cycle of fashion is new and innovative. In essence, we are a STORE with a difference. The .store domain, which in itself is unique, seamlessly fits in with our brand. The domain has helped us stand out in the eCommerce landscape.

Sujata Chatterjee

Owner twirl.store

Compared to the typical .com, I think .store sounds more unique and is more suitable for young independent brands and online stores. It stands out and clearly indicates what our website or brand is about before anyone arrives on our web page.

Syuma Lau

Founder LoveLoveFrog.store

We chose a .store domain name because it was unique and refreshingly different from the standard .com/ .in, etc and it conveyed the message to our customers clearly about what we are- an online organic STORE! It has helped in creating our own identity to stand out in an otherwise crowded online marketplace for home-delivered organic produce.

George Mathew

Co-founder petrichor.store

We were making a store and it seemed like it would make sense to use a .store domain. We very clearly wanted Kono Store to be its own entity, apart from Input Club, even though some of the same people work on both projects. We also use a .club domain for Input Club, so it just made sense to follow suit. An interesting anecdote here is that we didn’t learn until after we had already started the business that Kono means “inviting” in Hawaiian, which is very fortuitous, as Kono is a very inviting store!

Andrew Lekashman

CEO kono.store

One of the significant challenges in getting your start-up running is to name it and find a perfect domain extension. Even though .com was available to us, we wanted to represent our-self as not just a t-shirt company, but a technology-driven company. Two new domain extensions were running the finale in our naming process – .Shop and .STORE. Both domain extensions are identical, but we chose .STORE as our domain extension, as well as the last name of the company, after running a couple of pronunciation tests. I am so grateful to have a wide range of new domain extensions to support our branding nowadays; else, our name would have been something else. You see, there is a significant difference between saying ThreadlyStore .com and Threadly.store. In our case, the company name and the website address are identical.

Jafar Muhammed

Founder threadly.store

At the start of 2014, the Internet changed forever. From this point, web addresses no longer had to end in .com, .net, .org or country-specific endings like .co.uk. Instead, a wave of more than 700 new .somethings were launched, in phases. Domain suffixes such as .online clearly state that such a website does business purely online. It can also help differentiate between physical businesses and virtual ones, as some users actively seek out the latter.

Walid .F

CEO TheVineYard.online

Onvent is short for online event. We felt that the .online domain name would support our brand identity by emphasising the online nature of our business.

Bjørn Christian Nørbech

MD onvent.online

I felt a .online domain name was the right fit for us: The collection itself is not a company or organisation and the domain ‘online’ describes just what the website is – Jerwood Collection’s online presence.

Lara Wardle

Director JerwoodCollection.online

I think we are living in a time where people start to realize that there is more than just the .com domain. There are many new cool domains like .tech or .io, and since we are building an online platform, the .online domain made perfect sense. It also gave us the opportunity to team up with the Startup League, which has been an incredible partner to us at Web Summit.

Ivan Cardoso

Co-founder AnyCity.online

It was good fortune that the .online domain name came up just at the time when we were redesigning and relaunching a new brand of the DAO journal in 2016. It fit our brand name perfectly because the word ‘online’ was already in our organization’s name. .online made our organization name relevant again, instead of making it sound a bit dated. It’s also a brilliant match for us because our organization name is our entire URL.

Colin Hambrook

Editor DisabilityArts.Online

We felt the .press brand was a great fit for our media-focused workshops. We thought it stood out among other options and we really liked the fact that it was easily available.

Aaron Manfull

Director MediaNow.press

We thought the .press domain made a good fit for the ‘vegan fast food’ image that we wanted to portray. Plus, we wanted to try something different with the URL.

Liat Solomon

Founder EarthX.press

The main reason I chose a .PRESS domain is because I prefer domains to be as short as possible; I believe this is best for positioning in the long run. Using a .PRESS gives our brand a domain name of nine letters (www.yogi.press) which would not be possible with any other extension such as .COM, .CO, .IO, .CO.UK, etc. Because then the domain would have to include the words YOGI and PRESS. (i.e. www.yogipress.io) Additionally, with Google search and social media working the way they are at present, it is time to stop giving so much importance to .COMs and pay more attention to positioning, optimization and above all, social value. Leading brands such as Proto.io are doing very well with their positioning despite not using a .COM domain.

Kedar Nath

Founder yogi.press

It (press) has its roots in printmaking, with pressing the letters into the paper to be precise. So it has a direct link to what I offer as a graphic designer and a letterpress practitioner.

Armina Ghazaryan

Graphic Designer TypeAnd.press

Press is a traditional term for fine art printing. I have admired many of my predecessors such as “Peace Press”. So when .press was released it was a natural fit!

Anne Martin

Owner/Curator sugar.press

Revelore chose to use the .press domain because of how elegant and integral it is. That elegance reflects some of our core principles as a publisher. Plus it simply looks damn cool on our masthead.

Jenn Zahrt

Founder and Curator of Possibilities revelore.press

It was about making the best use of resources and thinking forward into the future. "Reckoning" is a popular word these days, what with #metoo and so many other injustices rampant in the world. "Press" is what we are; we publish, we make new writing and art available to the world. Succinctness and clarity only get more important in this content-drowned world.

Michael J. DeLuca

Founder reckoning.press

Choosing .press was to indicate what we work with and also to do something “new”. We wanted to be the first ones to move to .press since it is not a common domain name in Denmark.

Maiken Lonka

Co-founder amaze.press

We wanted to create a platform that would serve as a single source to highlight the smart cities initiatives being undertaken in different parts of the world. The term ‘press’ refers to the media and we believed having the website titled smartcity.press would be the best way to indicate all that this platform offers.

James Bell

Editor SmartCity.press

As a technology company, we (Xpresso.TECH) always wanted a URL that reflects the same. Before .tech domain, we would have resorted to having a name that reflects tech. Now we can be as creative with the name since the extension clearly positions us as a technology innovator. It really helps us getting identified. The .com/.co space is really crowded & availability was always an issue, with the new domain names that has been solved. Also, adding .tech to our domain gave an idea to developers/partners that they could use our technology inside their apps or businesses. I believe because these new domain names are still not very common, having a .tech domain adds to our image as an early mover and positions us as a cool company/product.

Siddhartha Vinnakote

CTO xpresso.tech

We decided to launch our summit website on girlscriptsummit.tech. Being an organization that supports technology and promotes technical knowledge, our online presence matters the most to us and our community. A .tech domain highlights our technical strengths and creates an appealing image of our organization.

Malav Vyas

Volunteer GirlScriptSummit.tech

I honestly believe that .tech ushers in a new era of domain names. It gave us much more freedom in terms of choosing the domain name for IOSD and HackDTU as there were name-unavailability issues on other extensions. Also, there is less flexibility offered by other extensions, as compared to .tech. We truly believe that we share the same vision as .tech and hope to collaborate in the future.

Saksham Sandhu

Co-founder IOSD.tech

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