Earlier this week, Radix began its invite-only Request for Proposal (RFP) process for selecting a Registry Service Provider (RSP). Radix currently manages over 7 million domains across extensions that include .Online, .Store, .Tech, .Website, .Space, .Press, .Site, .Host, .Fun, .Uno, .Pw and .In.net. Radix will send invites to chosen service providers that it feels are most strategically aligned and technically adept at meeting its requirements. In addition, credible service providers with vast experience in running large TLDs can request an invite here. The timeline for this RFP process is as follows:
  1. RFP form submission: By 15th September 2023
  2. QnA with the Radix Team: By 22nd September 2023
  3. Proposal submission: By 16th October 2023
  4. Follow-up and clarification questions by Radix: 16th October Onwards
  5. Intimation of the selected Registry Service Provider: 30th November 2023
Interested parties can reach out to rfp@radix.email to seek further information. This press release was originally published here.