From overcoming resistance to changing perceptions. Changing consumer behavior ain’t easy. But usage begets usage.  In a domain (pun intended) that depends heavily on industry adoption and consumer acceptance, marketing that’s outside the proverbial box is a must-have.  Radix has predominantly focused on strategic partnerships, gamification, and a beneficent approach to marketing each TLD in Radix’s portfolio. 
Online Business Academy by .Online Domains
Discussing the StartIn.Tech campaign, Suman Das, Sr. Brand Director, Radix, said, “We talked about challenges around inclusion in the boardrooms of big companies, and we were looking for ways to address that problem and do our bit for the community. That’s how we came about working with, an entity that addresses the problem head-on”  He continued, “Right from the start, we were very clear that it wasn’t just the financial aspect that we’re looking at, but also awareness about the problem”
Start in Tech by .Tech Domains
With the focus continually on raising awareness for each nTLD, he also discusses Break the Code and its phenomenal organic success, the .Online Business Academy, and the recent IdeaTo.Store contest that was born out of the drive to enable and empower entrepreneurs to kickstart their journey.
Idea to Store by .Store Domains
Listen in to the full podcast for the story behind the various marketing techniques Radix adopts, and its approach to creating brands.  * A version of this article was published on Domain Name Wire