Avid philanthropist, entrepreneur, and creator, MrBeast, AKA Jimmy Donaldson, has switched his official merch store from shopmrbeast.com to the more intuitive mrbeast.store. He announced his move to a .Store domain in his most recent video, which garnered 99M+ views in just ten days. In the video, he talks about how the domain, mrbeast.store, is intuitive, shorter, and that .Store is just perfect for anyone looking to sell anything online. With an impressive 300M+ subscribers across all his social media platforms, MrBeast’s popularity and influence transcend content creators, celebrities, gamers, philanthropy supporters, and new-age eCommerce entrepreneurs.  Suman Das, VP of Brands at Radix, said, “We are thrilled to have MrBeast join the growing community of influential personalities, brands, and entrepreneurs using .Store for their online stores. His move emphasizes visibility and intuitiveness that .Store offers to eCommerce ventures. We are excited about the future of .Store and are constantly looking at ways to enable eCommerce entrepreneurs to sell more.” Launched in June 2016, .Store hit the 1M domains under management (DUMs) milestone in April 2023. From Emirates (www.emirates.store) and Maroon5 (www.maroon5.store) to Shakira (www.shakira.store) and Rihanna (www.rihanna.store), some of the world’s most influential personalities use .Store for their online stores. A version of this press release was published on CircleID and was also covered on DomainInvesting.com.