Amazon Route 53 offers domain name registration services, previously supporting 315 Top-Level Domains (TLDs) while providing easy integration with other AWS services. We are excited to announce the recent addition of 14 additional TLDs that you can now register with Route 53 including .press, .site, .space, .tech, and .store among others. Common use cases for some of these new TLDs include the following:
.tech: This TLD is particularly popular among startups, developers, and technology brands to establish their online presence. The .tech TLD highlights a business value proposition, so customers sourcing technology-related needs can easily identify your domain.
.store: The .store TLD enables retail businesses to establish their e-commerce presence and to advertise and sell their products effectively.
.press: The .press TLD is perfect for all things newsworthy and appeals to diverse users such as news agencies, bloggers, book publishers, and journalists, who may choose this TLD to create their websites and to broadcast news around the world.
To learn more about the TLDs that are offered by Route 53 and their pricing, please visit the Route 53 Developer Guide and Route 53 domain price list. You can now register domains with any of these TLDs using the Route 53 service today.  (A version of this blogpost was first published here)