We reached out to our friends in the industry seeking their opinion on which of the nTLDs from the Radix portfolio has the strongest potential to grow in the coming years and why.  Here’s what they had to say.

1. Ana Milosavic, Marketing Coordinator, Hexonet

We continue to see proof that nTLDs and ccTLDs are growing in popularity. At Hexonet, we’ve noticed a boost in searches and registrations of multiple Radix TLDs including .TECH, .SITE and .SPACE, and particularly for .ONLINE.  Much of .ONLINE’s success can be credited to its general meaning. The term “online” fits many different industries and isn’t specific to one sector. It’s also a globally recognized term. In fact, we’ve noticed a decent uptake for .ONLINE in various non-English speaking markets including Germany and Switzerland.

2. Todd Han, CEO, Dynadot

I would choose .STORE, because it is of interest to businesses. Both small and large companies alike can utilize .STORE to help promote the type of website they are. Manifesting who you are and what you do to the online community is not only beneficial to your business, but to potential customers as well. It helps you communicate what kind of website you run – a store. Small businesses starting a shop on Shopify is one example of when a .STORE domain can be used in a meaningful way. Likewise, large companies like Dynadot.com can use .STORE as a secondary site to sell branded merchandise (www.dynadot.store). Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, having a .STORE domain tells people they can shop for their needs on your platform before they even visit the website. With modern technology and efficiency, most people do their shopping online, which makes it important to stand out on the web. Competition is always heavy, but I think businesses with online shops can use .STORE to be more identifiable to their target audiences giving the extension more opportunity for growth.

3. Jasmin Bollman, Marketing Manager of Social Media & Content, Rebel

With more and more people looking to sell their goods online, from casual crafters to small businesses, I see big growth potential with the .STORE TLD. For established businesses that are looking to get into the eCommerce game, it’s a great nTLD to have in their portfolio to maintain brand recognition but clearly show customers what they can expect from the website. There might even be a www.rebel.store coming in 2020.

4. Porkbun’s Voice

.SPACE is great because it both connotes space exploration, sci-fi, and science in general. But also space in the sense of being a room or a locale that is built for a purpose. Additionally, for people who practice mindfulness, ‘give each other space’ is often mentioned. ‘This is a safe space’, ‘allow yourself space’, etc.  Porkun_space_illustration.SPACE generates a sense of community, curiosity, ideation and aspiration toward the unknown and the potentials that can come with it. .SPACE is an inspiring top-level domain that can be adopted by people around the world, from different backgrounds and with different perspectives and beliefs.

5. Samantha Lloyd, Content Marketing Manager, Hover

.SPACE: the domain name of the future! I believe that the .SPACE domain name has the potential to be a go-to domain in the future. While it’s currently used by many co-working spaces and other earth-bound opportunities, I see a future for this domain with anything related to outer-space. Whether you plan to be a space-bound photographer, a space blogger, run a space tourism company, or a scientist bringing exciting space findings back to earth, your company name can find a home away from home on .SPACE. Currently, there are more than 250,000 domains registered with .SPACE. This relatively new TLD that was launched in 2015 has been generating interest with every passing year. I think this will continue as new space-focused opportunities arise and people need to register domain names for their ventures. If you’re planning to have an out-of-this-world website this is a great TLD to represent that.

6. Katerina Zeriti, Product Marketing Manager, Papaki

By creating new, modernized and attractive domain names, Radix has revolutionized the digital world providing a vast majority of choices when it comes to choosing your domain name. Through a huge list of options that Radix is offering, .SITE and .ONLINE domain names seem to have the strongest potential to grow. Short but distinctive, they can attract attention since they stand out and are easy to write, remember and pronounce. .SITE and .ONLINE are also more flexible than other TLDs and ideal for a vast variety of uses and for different types of industries that wish to stand out and leverage their business, provide a novelty flair, build their audience globally, and announce their strong presence in the digital world.

7. Julianna Horvat, Marketing Manager, Webnames.ca

Radix has a strong portfolio across the board, and .UNO is an exciting addition that will surely grow in the short to medium term in targeted geographies due to language fit and brevity.  That said, our favorites in terms of growth potential have got to be .ONLINE and .TECH.  As a generic, .ONLINE is a great option that appeals to anyone who already has a brick and mortar presence and wants to promote themselves virtually. It’s also a strong choice if you’re building a personal brand; we’ve been seeing both professionals and aspiring influencers pick it up.  As for .TECH, we love that it’s both genre-specific and future proof. These qualities give it staying power and make it perfect for anything from a geeky personal blog, to a business or product website, or school or organization. We predict that .TECH will continue to attract a wide array of new companies, organizations, and professionals that want to showcase their genre of content. With global recognition, we see both as strong performers for 2020 and beyond, especially as we encounter more of them in the wild.

8. Jeroen Wolsink, Marketing Lead, Antagonist

We believe .WEBSITE has a strong potential to grow in the Netherlands. Thanks to its generic nature, it can be used for any type of website you can think of. It is perfect for companies, startups, blogs, and personal profiles. The TLD is also relatively new, therefore many unique combinations are still available for registration. Another strong contender is .ONLINE, a TLD that already has grown rapidly in the past several years. This extension has the big advantage that the word ‘online’ is adopted in over 24 languages, and understood almost all over the world. All of this makes it a popular alternative to the already established extensions, such as .COM.

9. Haley Midgette, Marketing Coordinator, OpenSRS

I’ve always thought that .SPACE is a cool TLD that makes a great digital home for artists, photographers, educators, and others whose work tends to be grounded in, well, physical space. It’s simply hip and versatile; a great way to showcase any kind of portfolio, event or studio space, you name it.  .STORE has obvious potential because it’s a short, globally recognized term that speaks to a huge market. However, if I had to put money on it, I’d bet that .SITE remains Radix’s top performer for a while. As nTLD adoption grows, and these extensions gain public awareness, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of “standard” .COM alternatives emerge. .SITE is a clear contender because it’s short, generic, and has a clean, corporate feel. Plus, it’s not “corporate” enough to dissuade those looking for a bit more character.  But, I’m still secretly rooting for .SPACE 😉

10. Julia Franke, Head of Social Media & PR, Alfahosting GmbH

We, at Dogado GmbH, love domains and think that the .TECH domains will have the strongest growth in the coming year because the .STORE(s) .ONLINE for the .WEBSITE(s) need the largest .SPACE. We .PRESS the .HOST the thumbs and hope for the place number .UNO, of course, .PW-protected.

11. Svetlana Lienko, Executive Director Of The Hosting Provider And Domain Registrar, REG.RU

The most popular domains are those that can be interpreted as widely as possible. We can see this from the results of several years of work. For example, in REG.RU, the most popular of the Radix domain TLD is .SITE (123,000 domains) and .ONLINE (43,000 domains). They can be used for any business site or social project.  As for other TLDs, .WEBSITE domain is also quite popular (28,000 domains), but it is obvious that .SITE is shorter. TLDs like .SPACE and .PW (the Professional Web) are also in demand, but the audience is smaller. This is either specialized projects or creative business. I think as the audience realizes the benefits of new gTLDs, all domains will somehow grow. But in my opinion, the domains with the biggest potential are .SITE and .ONLINE.

12. Endrit Muca, Chief Marketing Officer, NameSilo LLC

From Radix’s portfolio, I feel the domain extension that has the strongest potential to grow in the future is .STORE. As a new decade rolls in, I expect to see tremendous growth on this domain extension.  My belief is centered around a couple of important trends: By 2020, worldwide internet user penetration is expected to surpass 52%. As more and more users get online and increasingly more comfortable with the Internet, eCommerce will thrive. This boom is not only going to span across established eCommerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba, but also small and medium-sized businesses. These new online businesses will be looking for their own unique domain names. This presents .STORE with an interesting opportunity to help those users establish themselves with a clear and direct domain name that’s centered around eCommerce. It is also very likely that domain names featuring city, category, personal and business names (TorontoArt.store or JohnSmith.store) will start popping up.  I look forward to the next decade of internet and eCommerce growth and seeing whether my hypothesis comes true. Cheers to 2020!

13. Andrew Richner, US Communications Head, Gandi

Site is a word that has a wide appeal to anyone on the internet because it’s easily understood, widely used, and broadly applicable. Besides this, as the internet has become increasingly global, the word ‘site’ has entered the lexicon of most languages and cultures as the basic unit of the world wide web.  That makes .SITE ideally positioned to expand well beyond its linguistic origins. Its geographic reach is potentially as wide as the internet itself. For anyone looking for an alternative site address, .SITE is ideal. Since ICANN first started introducing new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) in 2013, the most successful new gTLDs have always been those that don’t cater to geographic, linguistic, or other niches in particular. The best performing in terms of growth has been those that have also been able to extend their cultural cachet outside of the US and Western Europe. By Domains Under Management, .SITE is actually the 9th Largest New gTLD. And that’s why we feel good about .SITE’s potential growth. Gandi started as an alternative to large US firms for a nascent French market, and to this day we aim to still offer that alternative where other registrars may not have the flexibility or interest to go. At the same time, we’ve never limited ourselves to operating on the margins and we’ve sought to meet our American competitors on their home turf as well. In that way, we recognize something of ourselves in .SITE —a TLD with the ability to offer an alternative in the expanding and growing markets of Asia, Africa, and South America while at the same time staying competitive in the more mature markets of the US and Europe.

14. Erik Smit, Relationship Management and Domain Name Specialist, Metaregistrar B.V.

When it comes to the Dutch (and European) market, .ONLINE has a huge potential to grow primarily because it is relevant to everything that’s online. One of Radix’s biggest strengths is that they always have amazing ideas to promote their TLDs. The Radix Express Train during Cloudfest was a great example of their out-of-the-box thinking. The strength of the TLD combined with Radix’s great marketing can help .ONLINE grow tremendously in the Dutch Market.
Radix Express at Cloudfest 2019

15. Linda Kampman, Domain Specialist, Mijndomein

In our experience, .ONLINE and .STORE have great potential to grow. In our own webstore in the Netherlands, .ONLINE is the 8th best selling TLD after, for example, .COM, .NL, and .EU. If we have to choose one TLD, it would be .ONLINE as it has the most potential to grow in the future. In the past year, we promoted .ONLINE with a nationwide outdoor campaign that resulted in greater brand awareness. Our local market research says that 23% of Dutch people know about .ONLINE and this awareness is only growing as time passes. With the right marketing, .ONLINE could become a TLD as well-known as .COM in the near future.

16. Bas Schouten, Product Manager (Domains), Hostnet BV

The Radix TLD with the most potential is, in my opinion, .ONLINE, with .SITE being a close second. Both are clear, generic and still have a lot of good domains free to register. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in the future .ONLINE (and maybe .SITE as well) will overtake, at least, .INFO and .ORG. Both of which are arguably less generic overall, being “meant” for informational purposes and organisations respectively, whereas .ONLINE is clearly the online “place to be” for any person or company without being limited to what type of website it is used for. 

17. Davide De Guz, Founder, Rebrandly

Rebrandly is by far the leader in the branded link management market (short URLs that include your own custom domain name). Our offer includes the ability to register a domain name directly from our platform and use it to create branded short URLs. We manage billions of links, as well as hundreds of thousands of domain names on behalf of our customers. From our stats, we can see that .STORE and .ONLINE are the TLDs with the strongest potential for creating branded short links.

So, there you have it. Opinions, observations, and a whole lot of ideas from some of the key industry players. Which Radix nTLDs are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments!