Earlier this month, Radix announced that it had completed a decade in the domain industry. Radix marked its 10th anniversary at NamesCon 2022 by launching a celebratory campaign, We Are X. With over 5.5 million domains under management, today Radix stands as the largest portfolio nTLD Registry. Launched back in 2012, we’ve seen a staggering 216% revenue growth in the last five years alone. Radix entered the domain industry ten years ago when ICANN invited applications for new domain extensions. They submitted applications for 31 strings and beat out the competition to win the rights to 7 of those strings. They have since acquired 3 more. Currently, Radix’s portfolio comprises of 10 TLDs, including .Online, .Store, .Tech, .Website, .Space, .Press, .Site, .Host, .Fun and .Uno.  In 2019, Radix became the first portfolio Registry to have more than 1 TLD with over 1 million domains under management – .Online and .Site.
(Seen left to right) Radix’s Karn Jajoo – Director, Premium Names, Sandeep Ramchandani – CEO, Neha Naik – VP, Channel Partnerships, Joel Rasquinha – Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships and Mark Ghoriafi – Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships at the Radix We Are X party at NamesCon 2022.
Focused on reinventing the approach to marketing domains, Radix treats each TLD as an individual brand. This approach allows them to focus on ideas that address actual customer pain points and has resulted in campaigns like Ideato.store and Startin.tech, which connected deeply with their audience. Their platform, Namify.tech, opens opportunities for Radix to bridge the gaps in the customer journey from ideation to execution. Currently, Radix has confirmed projects in the pipeline that will aid the customer buying experience and journey even more. Among the few Registry-only companies in the domain industry, Radix reported a 60% increase in YoY revenue in 2021 and a staggering 216% revenue growth from 2017. By focusing on a high-high model for Premium pricing and renewal, Radix also reported a 187% increase in revenue and renewals from Premium domain names over the last three years. Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO, Radix, said about the milestone, “Even when we started as a team of 10 with a big vision, success to us had always been about creating more value for our customers and partners than we ask of them. As we look forward to the next decade, we hope to continue contributing towards helping our customers succeed while they work towards realizing their dreams.” Radix was founded by serial entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia. His previous ventures in the domain industry include ResellerClub and BigRock, both ICANN accredited registrars, and LogicBoxes, a web products and consulting company. These companies were acquired by  Endurance International Group, now Newfold Digital, in 2013. Bhavin currently heads Titan, Flock, and Zeta as CEO. A version of this press release was published on The Domains