Many exceptional and cool premium names were registered recently across Radix TLDs. Here are some of them from September:, aka Space Dogs, was created by Space Labs, which was founded by a couple of passionate NFT collectors, members of PROOF collective with deep involvement in the Chia community who wanted to evolve the Chia NFT community. A Space Dog is a utility-enabled PFP that unlocks access to a token-gated community. is a satellite tracking solution that makes it easier for companies to control their vehicles and their drivers. They have experience of more than 30 thousand units installed and 13 years in the market. is a virtual environment that enables organizers to augment their virtual events and empower attendees with a highly immersive and engaging experience. Producers can deliver online events with high-end graphical interfaces, powerful interactive tools to keep attendees engaged, and endless opportunities to expand revenue potential. is an online premium auto replacement store that promises lightning fast, highly secure, industry-leading service. is a salon that has carefully selected the best beauty products for ten years. They have partnered with Authentic Beauty Concept for products with a strong story and an excellent effect, in the salon and at home. leverages technology and data to help pharma and payers seamlessly manage the negotiation, rebate, and deal management process for innovative access agreements, all done simply, safely, and securely at scale. is a borderless bank for nomads everywhere. The company lets you receive dollars and euros, get paid faster, spend, and invest smarter., previously Orca Protocol, creates a legible permissions map for your digital city. Their Pods are interlocking building blocks, and by defining and connecting hubs of activity in organizations, pods turn DAOs into highly networked, legible organizations. claims to be the only solution you’ll ever need for all your business media handling requirements. They offer adaptive, comprehensive, and no-code options with media delivery at scale. Have you come across any cool websites on Radix TLDs? Let us know!