Some really exceptional and cool premium names were registered this month across Radix TLDs. Here are some of them:


Ola’s mission is to work towards maximizing the reuse and recycle of electronic gadgets, with a complete device certification platform. The company uses AI and blockchain to automate and audit diagnostics, donation, trade-in, and data wiping.


Hop Online is a multinational digital marketing agency headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. They help businesses grow their footprint through excellent SEO practices, great content, and smart advertising on Google, Facebook, and other digital platforms.


Nordic Online is a digital marketing & commerce conference that is going to take place on 30th October 2020 in Norway. The conference is a platform for businesses to share their winning strategies and technology they’ve used to succeed online.


EMS stands for the European Mathematical Society. The team at EMS is working towards creating new publishing opportunities for the mathematical community. After experiencing many successful years of publishing in Zürich, the community publisher is now moving to Berlin.


Democracy Space is a platform for people to advocate for their community. It gives them the choice to vote directly for the policy they want, and choose personal proxies to represent them. Have you come across any cool websites on Radix TLDs? Let us know!