21st June is recognized as International Day of Yoga by United Nations. Yoga is an ancient practice that engages an individual at a physical, mental and spiritual level. Originated in India, the word ‘yoga’ has its roots in Sanskrit and translates to bringing together body and consciousness. In the recent years, Yoga has gained popularity the world over and is practiced in many forms and formats. From hot yoga to restorative yoga, there’s one for everyone! In this post, we look at some amazing yoga related websites across Radix domains!

1. www.yogaclicks.store

Yoga Clicks is a growing community of yogi creatives and designers, inspired by Yoga Clicks’ #PoweredByYoga stories, values and vision. The enterprise believes that where and how we spend our money creates our world. They curate yoga’s most creative and inspiring design talent and offer #MadeByYogis clothing, gifts, jewellery, equipment and lifestyle accessories for men and women.

2. www.noayoga.online

noa: yoga is a yoga class based in Basel, a city on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland. Noa: is a place for you to learn regular yoga in assorted styles as well as attend workshops and indulge in yoga retreats. The team makes use of various yoga forms that bring together mind and body in a natural flow. Backed with traditional yogic techniques and meditation practices; they offer a space for free movement of body and mind. Their classes are open and can be visited by anyone without prior notice.

3. livingyoga.online

LivingYoga is a London based initiative by Lotte Bowser, a Yoga teacher and an environmentalist. For her, Yoga is a way of life. By sharing her journey of sustainable, compassionate lifestyle, she hopes to encourage others to do the same. Off the yoga mat, she leads an eco-friendly life by making eco-sensitive choices in everything she does.

4. www.yogadome.space

Yoga Dome creates places to relax in busy cities such New York. Yoga Dome is basically inflatable dome structures that keep popping up in all sorts of places within the city. They offer an instant break to the mind by creating a unique and calm environment, no matter what exists in the surroundings. Often placed in busy cities, Yoga Domes are peaceful spaces to practice yoga or meditation, a practice that instantly transforms one’s mood and state of mind. This article is also published on Medium.