Art galleries are a space for artists to showcase their creations. Theatre and cinema halls are a space for actors and filmmakers to showcase their talent. Music concerts are a space for musicians to showcase their genius. Although the internet is the space for web designers to showcase their designs, it is cluttered with over a billion websites. .SPACE is an inimitable domain name in the internet world that inspires creativity and brings the web design fraternity under one coveted space.

Home of Web Design

Since its launch two years ago, .SPACE has been home to some of the most expressive, innovative and chic designers and web design hubs. .SPACE has powered the innovative creations of web designers from all over the world to come alive on the internet. Take for instance, Los Angeles based CaptureWhite.SPACE specializes in creating trendy, cutting-edge websites or Andrey Retinskiy, who owns Reta.SPACE and creates brilliant websites with top corporates as his clients.

Driver of Innovation

Being part of Radix’s portfolio of some of the best new domain extensions, .SPACE provides a distinctive identity to the web design community. A slick website is pivotal for a business’ online presence and overall growth. Radix understands that a website is not just an information center anymore, it is a core marketing asset and in dire need for breakthrough innovation in the arena of web design.

The Force Empowering a Unique Web Design Contest

For the first time, Radix has rolled out a program specifically for web designers — F3.SPACE. Based on Form, Function, and Flair — the three eminent pillars of the web design process, F3.SPACE is a global web design contest and showcase platform. With amazing prizes up for grabs, F3.SPACE will see weekly and monthly winners and designs will be evaluated by an experienced panel of judges and votes from the web design community. This unique platform aligns perfectly with .SPACE’s endeavor to build a passionate community of web designers, as it empowers them to showcase their work to a global audience and peak the website evolution with their illustrious designs. With three simple rules to follow and prizes worth USD 30,000 to be won, this is a perfect platform for passionate web designers to participate in.   For more information or to sign-up, log onto