Perfect domains
for modern ideas

Perfect domains for
modern ideas

  • 1.5M+ .SITE domains

    registered across 180+countries

  • 4th largest nTLD in the world

    by developed domains

  • Among top 5 nTLDs in the world

    with websites in Alexa 1 Million

  • 50+ industry verticals

    across which .SITE users exist




Marquee Showcase

  • Google My Business
  • 20M+ web pages

  • Personal Branding Expert
  • 620K+ social followers

  • YouTube Learning Channel
  • 6B+ views on YouTube

  • Business Solutions
  • 2M+ Monthly Traffic

  • YouTube Creative Tech Influencer
  • 27M+ views on YouTube

Partner Speak

Hillan Klein


.SITE continues to be among the most popular gTLDs, and it has quickly become a top choice for small businesses, as well as upcoming enterprises across a variety of sectors and geographies. Congratulations to Radix for .SITE being one the first few nTLDs to surpass the 1.5 million domain registrations milestone.

Svetlana Lienko

Executive Director Of The Hosting Provider & Domain Registrar

At REG.RU, the most popular of the Radix TLDs is .SITE (123,000 domains). As the audience realizes the benefits of new gTLDs, all domains will grow. But, in my opinion, one of the domains with the biggest potential is .SITE.

Andrew Richner

US Communications Head

“Site” is a word that has a wide appeal to anyone on the Internet because it’s easily understood, widely used, and broadly applicable. That makes .SITE ideally positioned to expand well beyond its linguistic origins. For anyone looking for an alternative site address, .SITE is ideal.

Ana Milosavic

Marketing Coordinator

We continue to see proof that nTLDs and ccTLDs are growing in popularity. At Hexonet, we’ve noticed a boost in searches and registrations of multiple Radix TLDs including, .SITE.

Katerina Zeriti

Product Marketing Manager

Through a huge list of options that Radix is offering, .SITE is one of the TLDs that seem to have the strongest potential to grow. Short but distinctive, it can attract attention since it stands out and is easy to write, remember and pronounce.

Haley Midgette

Marketing Coordinator

If I had to put money on it, I’d bet that .SITE remains Radix’s top performer for a while. .SITE is a clear contender among the Radix TLD portfolio because it’s short, generic, and has a clean, corporate feel. Plus, it’s not “corporate” enough to dissuade those looking for a bit more character.

Bas Schouten

Product Manager (Domains)

One of Radix’s TLDs with the most potential is, in my opinion, .SITE. It is clear, generic and still has a lot of good domains free to register. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in the future .SITE overtakes, at least, .INFO and .ORG.