Global Adoption

.SITE is in use by users all over the world and across industries such as Retail, Health & Wellness, Food & Hospitality,
and Real Estate.

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  • Russia


Integrated with
Google My Business

Every SMB that signs up for Google My Business program gets a [companyname] sub-domain.

Partners Speak


Hillan Klein


Our 2018 Namecheap Domain Insights and Trends Report found .SITE to be among the most popular gTLDs of the year, and it has quickly become a top choice for small businesses, as well as upcoming enterprises across a variety of sectors and geographies. Congratulations to Radix for .SITE being one the first few nTLDs to surpass the 1 million domain registrations milestone.


Dmitry Deniskin

VP of Emerging Markets

Since .SITE domain sounds the same as the word ”сайт” (website) in Russian, it’s a popular choice for individuals and SMBs looking for brandable domain names. .SITE domain was among our fastest growing nTLDs in 2018, which helped REG.RU to become #8 in the world and #1 in Russia in the rankings of the .SITE registrars.


Yutaka Kirihara

Marketing Director-Domain
Business Development

Japan is an SME-backed economy with over 99% of enterprises being SMEs. .SITE is a popular choice among our SME customers looking to create a clean and crisp identity in the digital space.


Charles Wang

Director of Domains Business

China is currently booming with new small businesses and these are the future of our and global economy. With a domain extension such as .SITE, many new business are now able to get the right domain name for their businesses, and .SITE is also preferred by the Chinese domain investor community
We congratulate .SITE and Radix on reaching the coveted 1 million domains milestone, and also wish them very good luck for the future.