Radix presents Dual DNS - The Power of 2

What happens when 2 superheroes join hands? Double the power, double the stability!
Radix has done exactly that by powering domains with 2 DNS Superheroes: Introducing Radix’s Dual DNS.
We partnered with 2 of the best DNS providers in the industry to provide double power,
and an additional layer of stability and reliability to your websites.

How does this work?

All services built on Radix domains are powered by 2 DNS providers simultaneously, avoiding a single point of failure.

In addition to the world class DNS services provided by our Registry backend provider CentralNic, we have also partnered with Dyn - a leading DNS provider that backs powerhouses like Twitter, Netflix & Linkedin for our DNS services.

Dyn’s global Anycast network provides a dual layer of DNS stability and empowers Radix domains with a global network spread across locations including London, Seattle, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Seattle and Shanghai.

  • - Active/Active failover between constellations at each location ensuring redundancy
  • - Global active/active load balancing using Anycast

The 2 DNS superheroes working together ensure that your customers never face any downtime!