HR is more than just human resource management at Radix. It’s people success. It’s a reinforcement of our belief that if we empower our people with everything they need to be successful, great things can happen.  In an organization where each individual’s role is creatively and intellectually challenging, we realized we needed to change our dependency on archaic methods of measuring productivity. With that in mind, we’ve been consciously shifting the focus away from mere input, and more towards creating a very real impact.  To that end, here are just some of the many exciting new policies we’ve rolled out at Radix in the last year that go a long way in connecting our culture to our values. 

Unlimited Leaves

We’ve moved away from assigning a set number of paid days off at the start of the year. Instead, our people are empowered with the freedom to take time off whenever needed.  Besides relieving the unnecessary administrative burden, the new policy asserts our faith, trust, and respect for our people. If flexibility and time off to unplug and recharge are needed, a decades-old policy shouldn’t stand in the way.  This policy shift is also a significant stride towards enabling all of us to become more impact (rather than input) oriented and allows us to empower every individual with a higher level of autonomy and ownership

Wellness Break

Even with our Unlimited Leave policy, it takes hard work to perfect teamwork. While WFH has become a part of the new normal that the pandemic ushered in, it’s crucial that we don’t forget the importance of a healthy work-life balance too.  That’s why our Wellness Break, timed perfectly around the holiday season, is a well-deserved time to rejuvenate and come back stronger together to take on the new year. As part of this initiative, the entire Radix team unplugs for a week.  In doing so, everyone gets a chance to focus solely on their well-being and resume work entirely refreshed. One small step for the business, a giant leap for collective progress

No Minimum Working Hours 

At Radix, one of our core values is that we work with integrity. And this policy is just one more way we fortify our faith that our people live our values every single day.  So, we’ve left the keycards and time trackers behind in exchange for something that’s (from our first-hand experience) far more effective – trust.  By giving our people the flexibility to choose their work hours, they can pick the times known to be the most productive for them based on their schedules. Besides integrity, we’ve seen a tremendous show of autonomy and extreme ownership with the implementation of this policy. 

Wellness Reimbursement

In the month of October, Radix observed World Mental Health day by initiating open conversation and dialogue for self-reflection. It gave us an opportunity to acknowledge the fact that our health and well-being goals require persistent focus and effort, all through the year. In a bid to encourage our people on the aspect of self-care and well-being, we revamped our previous Entertainment Reimbursement policy into the Wellness Reimbursement policy. Earlier, it was limited to giving our people the chance to break loose and have fun with their families by indulging in outdoor activities, including movie, amusement park, concerts, etc.     Now, in addition to the existing perks, the new and improved policy takes on a more holistic view of wellness and extends to gym memberships, and subscriptions for physical and/or mental wellness e.g. Calm, Headspace, etc. Being Radical and striving to do things differently is in our DNA at Radix. And these new/revamped policies are our way of bridging any gaps between our values and the policies we operate with.  Of course, it is a continual effort, because good culture is more than just working together without conflict. It’s what makes showing up to work every day exciting, rewarding, and, most importantly, fun!