Radix recently launched an end-user marketing campaign for .STORE, one of its premier TLDs. The campaign, which spans over three months, is called #MyStoreMyStory. As the name suggests, the campaign chronicles the stories of six store owners who have broken the norm in their own way and have created aspirational business successes on their respective .STORE domains. Each of the retailers featured in the campaign talk about their personal story as a business owner, their key entrepreneurial learning, and the reason why .STORE has been the most suitable choice for them to take their venture online.   The featured businesses in the #MyStoreMyStory campaign are:  
Campaign landing page for #MyStoreMyStory
Key eCommerce and retail business portals such as Digital eCommerce 360 and Practical eCommerce have been promoting the campaign through display ads and newsletters to their readers. Overall, the campaign is expected to generate over 8M impressions for the gTLD.
Ad for #MyStoreMyStory campaign on www.digitalcommerce360.com
Ad for #MyStoreMyStory campaign on www.practicalecommerce.com
  Content placements on retail and eCommerce centric websites such as Retail Dive have also been engaged to spread awareness about .STORE domains.

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Did you know that there are over 1 billion live websites on the Internet? This means that when it comes to choosing a domain name for your retail business, you need to find something that is not already in use. Is that a creative challenge? Yes, absolutely.
Retail industry influencers have also been engaged to amplify the campaign through social media updates, contests and content push.

Nicole Reyhle on Twitter

6 Retailers Share Their Stories About Why They Created E-Commerce Websites https://t.co/7Zgo1SXx4E w/ @getdotstore #retail #mystoremystory
.STORE brand has also engaged with retailers all over the world by encouraging them to share their business story.

.STORE Domains on Twitter

Siblings Annabelle and Alana created the perfect #MyStoreMyStory with Perfect splash, an online and irl store in Melbourne, selling locally made goods including clothing, music, ceramics, jewellery, publications and candles. https://t.co/rR63BdbiLm
Sharing his experience with .STORE domains and this campaign, one of the business owners featured in the campaign, Dan Fairbanks, Founder, Xion.STORE said,
I started Xion with the intention of creating an e-commerce marketplace that is the best brick and mortar to online shopping experiences. The .STORE domain extension was a perfect fit for what we are doing and has really helped us establish our brand with the clarity that Xion.STORE is an eCommerce site. We are very excited to participate in this campaign to promote .STORE as a great domain extension for eCommerce and retail sites.
Radix has been at the forefront of end-customer marketing and has rolled out some of the most innovative initiatives to engage with users. In 2016, it had launched the Startup League, a one-of-its-kind startup support program that financially backs startups at key marketing events. The program is exclusive to startups on Radix TLDs and has over 250 startups as part of its community. .TECH, a leading gTLD from Radix’s portfolio, is also heavily invested in end-customer marketing. .TECH has been actively engaged in supporting the startup community; as well as the tech-students community through partnerships with coding schools, hackathons, and tech influencers. .TECH has also recently launched a user-focused marketing campaign, #FutureOnTech, which highlights few of the most promising brands, startups, events, communities, and people that are using .TECH domains.