In the recent episode of DomainNameWire podcast, hosted by Andrew Allemann, Radix CEO Sandeep Ramchandani shared some interesting stories about Radix and its TLDs. Here’s a sneak-peek:
  • How did Radix come up with the initial list of TLDs that it had applied to ICANN for?
  • Why did Radix acquire .TECH TLD at a premium cost?
  • Which Radix TLD started off as a joint venture between Radix and two registrars? 
  • Why is .FUN popular in China?
  • Is Radix acquiring any new TLDs?
Find the answers to these and learn more about  Radix’s past, present and (exciting) future  by clicking on the ‘Play’ icon below: This podcast was originally released on Domain Name Wire’s website.