Last week, .SITE surpassed 1 million domains under management. This makes Radix the first nTLD portfolio registry to have two of its TLDs, .ONLINE and .SITE, in the coveted “league of 1 million domains”. .SITE has been among the top three fastest-growing nTLDs globally with a YoY growth rate of 111% in 2018. It is also currently the 6th largest nTLD by domain registrations. Speaking about the milestone, Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO, Radix, said,
We are extremely delighted to have reached this milestone for .SITE. We have consistently received positive feedback from our partners that .SITE is a preferred TLD among small and medium businesses (SMBs). With the increase in the new domain registrations on .SITE, we are expecting a healthy increase in the number of renewed .SITE domains. This aligns with our philosophy of tracking long term value of a TLD by keeping renewals as a key success metric.
An internal study by Radix shows that over 70% of developed domains on .SITE represent SMEs from various industries such as Retail, eCommerce, Information Technology, and Professional Services. Owing to .SITE’s suitability for SMBs, the domain ‘’ was integrated by Google in its Google My Business program for SMBs globally. Through this integration, every SMB that signs up on the program gets a free [BUSINESSNAME] sub-domain for its listing. As of 31st January 2019, a search query on Google shows 16M web pages on this sub-domain. Speaking about .SITE’s success, Hillan Klein, Namecheap COO, said,
Our 2018 Namecheap Domain Insights and Trends Report found .SITE to be among the most popular gTLDs of the year, and it has quickly become a top choice for small businesses, as well as upcoming enterprises across a variety of sectors and geographies. Congratulations to Radix for .SITE being one the first few nTLDs to surpass the 1 million domain registrations milestone.
While .SITE has consistently grown globally, the top three geographies that have contributed to its 1 million domain registrations are the United States, European Union, and China; a trend commonly seen across the most successful TLDs. Dmitry Deniskin, VP of Emerging Markets at REG.RU, said,
Since .SITE domain sounds the same as the word ”сайт” (website) in Russian, it’s a popular choice for individuals and SMBs looking for brandable domain names. .SITE domain was among our fastest growing nTLDs in 2018, which helped REG.RU to become #8 in the world and #1 in Russia in the rankings of the .SITE registrars.
.SITE was first launched for general availability in July 2015 and was part of the historic first round of gTLDs approved by ICANN. Since then, .SITE has been growing consistently in registrations around the world.