Many exceptional and cool premium names were registered recently across Radix TLDs. Here are some of them:

1. is a tool that helps with property management. From the day the building is first designed on paper all the way through its management and development, the tool helps you track everything, every step of the way.


MSK is a mask store that sells face masks of the highest quality. These masks are not disposable and they don’t need to be replaced often. The website sells everything from disposable gloves to hand sanitizers, items that have become crucial in today’s time.


Niagara is a software that helps you organize and interpret large data and flows so that you can make better informed and calculated decisions.

4. is a mobile app for individuals and groups such as families and teams. It can be easily accessed on multiple devices and is seamless to share with everybody.

5. is a platform where you can get coaching on the skills you need to accomplish your goals. It also offers the opportunity for you to share those skills so that you can empower others to succeed in this time of rapid change.


Backyard is a fun platform where you can invite your friends to come together and have a good time while maintaining social distance. Have you come across any cool websites on Radix TLDs? Let us know!