Domain Names August 2, 2021 / BY Rebecca Scott

Premium Domain Showcase – July 2021

Many exceptional and cool premium names were registered recently across Radix TLDs. Here are some of them:


Modular is a simple site builder and eCommerce platform. They spin up basic and simple websites and stores within minutes.


Lala Store is an eCommerce store catering to new parents and infants. They sell multi-functional and unisex baby products for both parents.


Ozone is a cloud-based computer with lag-free, user-centered, and optimized applications. Their key product is the Ozone cloud-powered video editor.


BSG (Business Software Group) is a group of independent companies focused on the manufacture, commercialization, implementation, and support of business management software.


Destinations Inc. is a travel platform that connects users with exclusive savings on luxury accommodations, popular entertainment, convenient transportation, and more.


Motherboard is a London-based collective of brands on a mission to make people’s everyday experience with their tech better. It empowers users to have a better, healthier experience with their technology.

Have you come across any cool websites on Radix TLDs? Let us know!


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