Radix TLDs were adopted by many in the last month of 2021. But there were a select few that were truly exceptional and cool. Check out the list of our premium domain names registered in the month of December.


Invest.online identifies and addresses market needs for investment and growth, without being limited to what is technically available now. invest_online


PML.online – Professional Muaythai League – is the first Czech-Slovak stand-up organization. pml_online


  Clean.fun offers rentals that address the needs of children’s and other theme parties. clean_fun


With accessibility as their mission, inclusive.tech partners with various teams to assess and improve product’s accessibility. inclusive_tech


Koala.space is a community driven cryptocurrency with an aim of becoming a decentralized meme token ecosystem. koala_space


Barracuda.tech aims to empower users to create, manage and invest in DAOs regardless of crypto ecosystem experience. barracuda_tech


Landing.space is a website created for creative enthusiasts looking to curate, create or share mood boards and other digital artwork.  landing_space


Circle.fun is a private social media platform that promises less filters and more connection.  circle_fun


Rh.online lets you explore the latest press about rh; the company’s evolution from creating products to conceptualizing spaces, and more.  rh_online


AWM.tech is a vision technology company with an eco-system of solutions that provides end-to-end business automation to deliver benefits.   awm_tech If you’ve come across a cool website from the Radix TLD offering, we’d love to hear about it. Get in touch here