Radix TLDs were adopted by many in the last month. But there were a select few that were truly exceptional and cool. Check out the list of our premium domain names registered in the month of April.


zoa.space Zoa gives its patrons a chance to create and customize their own metaverse space by displaying 2D & 3D NFTs. What’s more, it lets you turn 2D NFTs into wearable t-shirts for their avatar.


jyx.online Committed to the development of technology and quality of audio products, giving music and singing lovers a better enjoyment, JYX sells products globally. The company closely follows market trends and focuses on product innovation, winning the praise of its industry peers. 


tbd.website TBD is a new business unit of Block (fka Square, Inc.). They build decentralized platforms, protocols, and tools so everyone can own their data and participate in the global economy.


pagent.space A unique concept, Pageant offers monthly memberships for studio rental in New York. 


asn.tech ASN focuses on creating a model for how shops can distribute the cost of diagnostic equipment to enable each member to have access to the newest and best equipment without having to singularly carry the burden of the cost.


mvh.store Based in Tallinn, Estonia, MVH is part of the clothing stores industry. Close cooperation with companies on all continents and partners all over the world enables them to provide a full scope of professional services to their customers.  Have you come across any cool websites on Radix TLDs? Let us know!