5 June is celebrated as World Environment Day, as declared by the United Nations. Today being 5 June 2017, it is a perfect opportunity for us to look at what is happening around the globe in the sustainable lifestyle space. The theme for today’s post is to explore some unique websites, across Radix domains, that are working towards making this world a cleaner, greener place through products, services and information to create awareness about the environment.

1. earthi.space

Earth-i provides an assured stream of space imagery for any location on Earth, such as forests, ports, mines, refineries, construction sites, farms, roads or car parks. Since climate change and population growth pose immense challenges to the habitation and well-being of planet Earth, services like Earth-i are crucial for obtaining high resolution satellite data and processing services for disaster response in natural and urban environments. Earth-i identifies, prepares and plans for potential threats and emergencies; and responds rapidly to events as they occur.

2. mog-green.tech

MOG Green Technologies provides leading technologies, products and methods for large-scale treatment of oil sludge, oil contaminated surfaces, soils and other substrates. As a pioneer in the industry they offer 100% environmentally friendly applications. Most existing procedures of oil-decontamination are insufficient. They are expensive and often the toxic waste resulting from the recovery and utilization process exceeds by far the volume of the polluted soils and sludges. To change this pattern, MOG has developed eco-friendly and sustainable methods and technologies for the treatment of oil sludge and oil contaminated soils followed by bioremediation.

3. www.littlemissorganic.online

Little Miss Organic was born when two like-minded friends, Emma and Nicole brainstormed on how they could continue to buy quality organic food in Perth, Australia. They needed to find an affordable source; one that would offer everything at a single place. They soon founded Little Miss Organic Online, a pick-up only service for affordable organic food in Perth. The venture is a community-based initiative that intends to help as many people as possible so that they can look after the health and wellbeing of their family while considering a budget. Little Miss Organic Online supports eating organically (and locally wherever possible).

4. www.urbanwonderland.store

Urban Wonderland is an American brand of clothing and accessories made of high quality items using 100% organic materials. The brand practices sustainable methods in making all of its products locally while keeping the designs such that it inspires the young imagination. All of their products are playful yet durable. They are also committed to educating consumers of the harmful toxins used in producing regular clothing, and the benefits of organic materials and manufacturing locally.

5. www.lifeinfused.space

Life Infused Space is an eco-conscious blog that shares sustainable, DIY recipes for making food, beverages, herbal treatments, beauty care products and eco-friendly crafts. The website revolves around nature, nourishment, creativity and gratitude. The website’s founder, Desiree Vatter, is ‘a mother to 3 children, a golden retriever, 2 bee colonies, and several chickens.’ She is passionate about healthy eating and all things natural. The website is a great resource center for anyone who shares her passion for a sustainable and clean lifestyle or those wish to switch to the green way of living. The website also links to Desiree’s Etsy page where you can buy natural, handcrafted soaps, etc. She is based in Vermont, United States.

6. www.inseason.store

In Season Store is based in Stockton, California. It was started by Eric Firpo and Julie Morehouse, both native Stocktonians. In Season Store offers a wide range of local organic or naturally-grown, fresh produce as well as artisan foods, the important thing being that everyone is only what is ‘in season’. They also have a nursery that offers some rare and unusual plants along with an extensive garden vegetable selection. Their gift shop offers a range of products such as original works by local artists, organic non-GMO seeds, towels and gloves, soaps, hand balms and dog-car products. In Season Store also offers landscape design and consulting, as well as a fine gardening service.

7. www.petrichor.store

Petrichor is an initiative to promote healthy eating by bring you naturally grown food without using chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Petrichor Store is an online store based in Bangalore, India and delivers safe, sustainable and responsible products across the city. From personal care to sustainable garbage disposal to personal care to ready-to-make food items, the store covers the round when it comes to green solutions to everyday lifestyle needs.   This article is also published on Medium.