Radix was launched in 2012 as a startup and continues to work like one till date! Being part of this space, Radix understands that startups are always vying for growth hacks to boost their success. Only a groundbreaking idea or a mind-bending product isn’t going to make the cut. Startups need a big push to really get out there and get noticed. One of the ways for startups to gather attention from investors and media is to exhibit at startup events and tech fests such as SXSW, TechCrunch Disrupt, Web Summit, TechDay NY, RISE Conference, etc. Being at these events is one of the most effective ways for startups to grab the attention of the investors, journalists, media and influencers. It’s also a great place for budding entrepreneurs to connect with other entrepreneurs to forge partnerships and grow their network. Events offer a fantastic opportunity for startups to leverage the social media buzz created by these events and join the conversation online.

Being a web registry that works like a startup, Radix is immensely passionate about empowering other startups to grow. Over a year’s in-depth research and after visiting numerous startup and tech fests around the world, Radix launched the Startup League as a unique initiative to support and catapult startups to success.

Radix understands the value that large scale conferences and events can offer to young startups. However, exhibiting at these events comes at a significant cost. Thus, it launched a unique startup support program, the Startup League, that provides event marketing and PR support to young startups that are on any of Radix’s domain extensions — .TECH, .STORE, .SPACE, .ONLINE, .FUN, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST and .WEBSITE. Marketing is a core function for startups at every stage and having a unique and relevant name is pivotal for creating a rich brand, something that Radix is very passionate about since it works like a startup itself. Over a year’s in-depth research and after visiting numerous startup and tech fests, the Startup League was given shape as a unique initiative to support and catapult startups to success.

Let’s Talk Benefits

Once on-board, the startups get sponsored by the Startup League at leading events such as TechCrunch Disrupt, Web Summit, Collision, RISE, Launch. These startups also get promoted through various leading portals such as TNW, Alley Watch, YourStory, and others! As a member, startups also receive customized merchandise, prominently showcasing the brand. In addition, the startups get special VIP access to high valued premium domain names and bespoke branded goodies. What’s even more exciting is that all of this is free of any membership fees or hidden costs. The only eligibility criteria to become a member of the League is to have an active official website on any of Radix’s new domain extensions — .TECH, .STORE, .SPACE, .ONLINE, .FUN, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST and .WEBSITE. The Startup League team is just back from Hong Kong where they partnered with RISE Conference to sponsor 11 exciting startups; out of which 5 startups received 100% sponsorship for an ALPHA booth. Prior to that, the Startup League was at TNW Conference in Amsterdam, where it sponsored 14 startups to exhibit at 100% sponsorship. In the past year, the Startup League also exhibited at and sponsored startups to SXSW Austin, TechCrunch Disrupt London and San Francisco, and Web Summit Lisbon.

Who’s already growth-hacking with the Startup League?

The Startup League was launched in September 2016 and already boasts of 95+ uber cool startups from across the globe and across industries; ranging from space innovation to recruitment solutions to artificial intelligence. Some of the most innovative startups on-board are Portugal based nu-rise.TECHthat develops nuclear radiation sensors and equipment, US based lorem.TECH that recently raised $1.1mil seed funding and Spain’s zero2infinity.SPACE that is championing near-orbital satellite use. The Startup League is supported by 50+ partners from the global startup ecosystem, which makes it one of the most exciting platform for all the young startups out there.

Keen to Join?

The Startup League is now gearing up for the Web Summit (Portugal), TechCrunch Disrupt (USA), TechSparks (India) and SLUSH (Finland) for supporting more startups exhibiting at these events. Planning to be at all these or any other events with your startup? Join the Startup League! Log on to startupleague.online and sign up through the website. Or write to leaguesupport@radix.email for any queries. See what’s latest at the Startup League at startupleague.online/blog   This article is also published on Medium.