In line with Radix’s focus on end-customer marketing, Radix has launched a high-impact promotional campaign for .TECH, one of its most successful TLDs. The campaign, which is called #FutureOnTech, showcases 50+ .TECH uses cases encompassing funded startups, brands, apps, influencers and communities that are ‘building the future on .TECH domains’. The focus of the campaign is to highlight the strong inherent connect between the tech industry and .TECH domains.  
Campaign landing page for #FutureOnTech
The campaign emphasizes on the success of .TECH use cases by indicating their scale of business or the amount of funding raised in case of startups or the social media popularity of tech influencers. The campaign is being promoted on some of the most coveted tech portals such as TechCrunch, VentureBeat, GeekWire and The Next Web, through display ads and email newsletters pertaining to the theme of the campaign. Prominent content placements on these websites have helped in amplifying the campaign.
#FutureOnTech display ad on TechCrunch
#FutureOnTech display ad on VentureBeat
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The new way to brand tech businesses that nobody will tell you about – GeekWire
.TECH has collaborated with some of the most respected tech influencers to magnify the campaign message:  

Massive Tech Unboxing – EP37

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The brand has further amplified the campaign through its social media channels by highlighting the featured uses cases and their success. The overall campaign is expected to get over 5M impressions for the brand and the traffic thus generated will be taken to an exclusive page showcasing some of the most successful .TECH use cases.   Sharing his experience with .TECH domains and the #FutureOnTech campaign, Asher Kagan, CEO at, said,

Shadow being a high-tech company, we are proud of our tech roots. That is why we are proud to have chosen the .TECH domain which reflects our product. Many thanks to the Startup League and Radix for this campaign.

.TECH has always been actively engaged with the startup community; as well as the tech-students community through partnerships with coding schools, hackathons, and tech influencers. This is Radix’s second such campaign in 2018. Earlier, Radix had launched a similar-scale marketing campaign for .STORE domains. The campaign, which was called #MyStoreMyStory,   chronicled the stories of six store owners who have broken the norm in their own way and have created aspirational business successes on their respective .STORE domains.