New Domains are making the Internet more organized and business friendly. Today, brands worldwide are opting for short, crisp and memorable extensions, relevant to their businesses. Let’s a take a look at 10 popular brands that have chosen a new domain extension for their website. From Grammy winning artists, tech conferences to space nations and Google, new extensions are the choice of brands across varied industries.


  The New Zealand based singer-songwriter & and two time Grammy Award winner has chosen a .store domain for her official online store. sees over 171,000 visitors each month.


  The largest electronics conference in the world is on a .tech domain! Organized annually in Vegas, the conference attracts 100,000+ attendees and 5,000+ exhibitors every January.


  The official website of the Grammy nominated singer & songwriter, Christopher Gallant. Gallant has partnered with leading artists like John Legend and has also been featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


  The №1 airline in the world uses .store to sell their official merchandise. Linked from all their emails, sees close to 30,000 visitors every month.


  Google has chosen the .site domain for its popular Google My Business program targeting small businesses globally. Every small business using this service gets their as a URL. A quick Google search shows over 400,000 sites that are already on this domain.


  The exclusive merchandise store of the American sports entertainment group. The group has a massive follower base of 22 million subscribers on YouTube and sees 750,000+ visitors on each month.


  Hollywood.Tech, a global celebrity-driven company who helps to connect selected brands and disruptive technologies with the most influential people in Hollywood.’s social media influencers reach over 3 billion people.


  The parent company of MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon with 700 million subscribers, Viacom, chose a .tech domain for their open source network.


  The world’s first space nation, Asgardia, launched with a .space domain. Asgardia has 300,000 followers across 226 countries and was also featured on BBC, Daily Mail, CNN & Wall Street. has 480,000+ visitors each month.


  Edward Snowden’s non-profit organization, Freedom of the Press Foundation uses as it’s official URL. The website sees over 120,000 visitors each month and has 250,000+ Twitter followers. also features on Snowden’s twitter handle @Snowden. This article is also published on Medium.