This TLD will provide a dedicated namespace to bloggers around the world. Bloggers can use their .blog extensions to house their blogs. The content and usage policies of the .blog registry will create a cleaner internet experience for writers and readers of blogs.

An increasing number of organisations also maintain an active blog allowing them to interact with their stakeholders, customers etc. These organizations can also derive value from a designated TLD at which the can host their blogs, making it easier for their audience to locate and identify their corporate blog online. This benefits the end users as they will be able to locate blogs with ease e.g.: Visitors will not have to look for 'companyname.tld/blog' or 'companynameblog.tld'; they can simply go to 'companyname.blog'.


The goal of the .host gTLD is to provide a unique and differentiated namespace to service the global hosting industry. It aims to be the TLD of choice for hosting companies across the world, and the single source for consumers of webhosting products / services. A specific gTLD serving as a namespace for the hosting industry will offer stronger identity through an industry-wide common identifier.


The mission of .law is to provide a differentiated and distinct identity on the internet to entities associated with the legal industry. The purpose of the .law TLD is to give the legal industry a completely open space that they can use to establish themselves online and where they do not have to compete with other types of businesses that have no association with the same industry. Considering the specific connotation of the word 'law' and the clear message that it sends out, this will be of keen interest from the legal industry, giving them a space where they can build and brand their identity on the web as someone closely associated with the legal industry.


Music is a global language, and thus, the .music TLD will be for everyone. It will cater to the needs of everyone associated with the Music industry - Musicians, Bands & Record Labels. .music will also serve everyone and everything else associated with the industry - be it organizations or venues that cater to Music entertainment. It could be songs, or an entire album released on a .music TLD. .music aims to be the perfect marriage between man's oldest passion - Music, and his latest obsession, the Internet.


Business entities need to communicate important news about their business activities, industry updates, news related to their products and services and so on, on an ongoing basisin order to keep their stakeholders engaged. The mission of the .News TLD is to serve as a single source on the web for any business to post related news for its stakeholders, who can easily identify and access this as an original source for such information.