This extension will provide internet users with a web location to showcase the lives of their children - where parents, family & friends can capture and share all of the important moments in their babies' lives. The purpose of the .baby TLD is to give parents the ability to put everything that they want to share and document about their children's lives, at a web URL that is meant to showcase their journey. The .baby TLD is expected to add that special element- something that parents hand down to their children as a memoir of their lives and a property owned on the web that is exclusively for their child.


The mission of .doctor is to provide an easily recognized, specialized and publicly trusted name space on the internet for licensed medical doctors. The .doctor extension is intended to provide the registrant an immediately recognized domain name that tells Internet users that they are interacting with a licensed medical professional. A .doctor registrant must be a licensed medical professional as recognized by each country's medical regulatory authority (ies). This extension denotes 'verified trust'.