This extension will provide users with an alternate solution to register their brand on a TLD that is generic and is not restricted in scope to any specific industry. .Website will let users establish an online presence that denotes that they are an intrinsic part of the internet. It will serve as an open and available-to-all namespace which will invite innovation and fresh possibilities at a global level.

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This extension will serve as a blank canvas on the Internet, for anyone across the globe. Individuals and organizations can register a .space extension and create their unique online space. Registrants can find strings of their choice and will be allowed to register unrestricted and uncategorized domain names under this extension.

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The mission of the .site TLD is to serve as a home on the Internet for users of the world. .site aims to be a generic TLD with no preconception of meaning whatsoever, no theme, no categorizations, no restrictions of use. .site does not restrict its scope to businesses (.biz), commercial websites (.com), or organizations (.org). Unlike country TLDs (ccTLDs), it is not associated with any country or region, .site is a truly global TLD. What you can do on .site can be limited only by your imagination, which is in fact, infinite. .site is your Home on the Internet, where you can be free, comfortable; express what you want to say or what you think, share interests, knowledge, or simply post information about your business, and interact with clients. .site says nothing; it is a blank canvas for the users to paint on.

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The .home TLD will allow users to create an intangible 'home' for themselves on the internet. Individuals can use this extension to share their memories with relatives and close friends. Photos, videos and audio clips of important moments in their lives can be documented on a .home TLD. Professionals can also display their qualifications and experience on their respective .home domains.


.online aims to create a fresh, new space on the Internet that's always alive and brimming with energy, ideas and innovation. This is what '.online' will stand for and will be the TLD of choice for anyone setting up an online presence - from teenagers to business people, from schools to large enterprises, from artists to researchers and everything in between.

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