This extension will create a trustworthy namespace for the Internet banking industry. The .bank extension is intended to provide the bank registrant an immediately recognized domain name that tells Internet users that they are interacting with a legitimate bank. The .bank TLD will require registrants to achieve specific verification as a bank institute from a recognized authority of national, provincial or state jurisdiction. This will create a TLD for which there is unprecedented accountability for web services launched on its domains.

Internet users will be ensured that behind every domain name and its associated services, information and content, a certified banking institution is responsible for that domain. Additionally, banking institutions will be able to easily distinguish themselves in the .bank TLD from countless others in unrestricted gTLDs posing or insinuating knowledge and capabilities in the banking profession.


The mission of .insurance is to represent the Insurance industry globally in its own differentiated namespace. Insurance and Risk management today make up a large global industry, one we want associating with .insurance as its online representation. The proposed TLD Registry envisions the Insurance industry using .insurance as an interactive medium to easily reach out to customers in the comfort of its own namespace.