This namespace will serve as a dedicated and globally identifiable domain for all Web & Mobile applications' websites. A .app domain name will give application developers a greater choice and a larger pool of names to choose from and will give them the creative flexibility to do a lot more with their applications.


This extension will provide the e-commerce industry with a designated and differentiated internet destination where customer queries & interactions can be handled in real time in order to improve customer experience. While many ecommerce sites today have a customer service section, they do not have a designated URL that customers can directly go to when they have questions that they need answered. A user has to drill down through the various sections on the website or click through some links before being able to talk to and interact with a representative.

With a .chat TLD, businesses will be able to setup their live support and customer service at 'businessname.chat' and customers will know exactly where to go when they want to chat with someone from that particular business.


With .press, individuals and organizations can now share opinions, disseminate information and influence their audience via a meaningful platform that enhances brand value while adding credibility and relevance to their online presence. From journalists, bloggers and media professionals to news corporations and publishers, .press gives opinion makers and information sharers the chance to differentiate themselves and reinforce their online identity.