Radix is part of the Directi Group. With over 6 million active domain names registered through its registrars, our group has significant experience (over 12 years) of managing domain names and is fully cognizant of the threat that stems from their abuse.

As one of the world's top ten registrars, we equally understand our ability to make a sizable contribution towards curbing internet abuse, and believe that mitigating this threat is one of our foremost responsibilities. By instituting policies, processes and services which go significantly above and beyond our obligation as a registrar, Directi has taken various initiatives to make the Internet a safer ground.

To drive this effort, Directi has a committed function working towards identifying abusive domain names and enforcing its policies. Our Abuse Desk functions 24/7 and takes prompt and effective action (both reactively and proactively) against domains reported or co-networked to be involved in any sort of online abuse.

On an average, we already address 15,000 reported or detected abuse cases per year. Abuse cases are addressed within pre-determined SLAs, and our team is committed to ensure that each incident is resolved satisfactorily. The Directi abuse team has been heralded on many occasions by various security groups, law enforcement organizations and the general anti-abuse community for the manner in which abuse mitigation has been handled by us. Additionally, we have always become highly involved, and continue to remain committed to industry-wide efforts to address organized abuse such as botnets (see below) and large scale phishing attacks, and any other malfeasances.

Building A Zero-Tolerance Reputation

All our Anti-Abuse Policies will put Registrants on notice of the ways in which we will identify and respond to abuse. They will also serve as a deterrent to those seeking to register and use domain names for abusive purposes.

Directi has vast experience in minimizing abusive registrations. Our Zero-Tolerance procedures and aggressive proactive takedown measures as a Domain Registrar have resulted in a white-hat reputation discouraging abusive registrations to begin with. The same approach will be followed for all our Registry operations.

Our proactive abuse procedures are geared towards building a reputation that discourages miscreants and malicious intent. Once it is known that abusive registrations and registrations in violation of our policies are suspended rapidly, both abusive registrations and abusive behavior will be discouraged.

Notable Instances Of Directi's Successful Abuse Mitigation Initiatives

Our abuse mitigation team has developed strong relationships with many security groups and individuals in the abuse mitigation community, with the aim of sharing intelligence and facilitating quick action on abusive domain names. These sources provide us actionable intelligence on domains bought through our registrar. We have also participated in coordinated takedowns with such agencies in the past and are committed to doing so in the future.

Here are some examples of cases where our efforts paid great results in abuse mitigation:

FBI's Abuse Mitigation Case Study Featuring Directi: Brussels, February 2011

In light of Directi's efforts towards abuse prevention, we were approached by the Federal Bureau of investigation, USA to make a presentation and share Directi's success story at a Registry-Registrar-ISP conference in Belgium. A detailed presentation on our abuse mitigation efforts was delivered by the FBI, describing how Directi's abuse desk functions, as a template for domain registrars to adopt.

"... Directi is one of the shining stars of the registrar community in eliminating fraud, exercising due diligence and having a good reputation. We believe our meeting in Brussels would be an excellent platform for you to highlight the success story of Directi. We are very interested to hear your methods."
- SSA Bobby Flamin, Operational Technology Division, FBI.

Mariposa Working Group

Directi was part of the Mariposa Working Group which was responsible for taking down the largest known botnet network at the time. (Ref: Mariposa WhitePaper.pdf)

"Directi is BY FAR THE BEST registrar we have ever worked with at taking down criminal domains in a timely, efficient and professional manner. Your team was absolutely key to the Mariposa Working Group taking down one of the largest Botnets in the history of the Internet. You and your team should be VERY proud of that"
- Christopher Davis, Former CEO of Defence Intelligence.

IM Worm Botnet Takedown Coordinated by IID

Since 1996, IID (Internet Identity) has been providing technology and services that secure the Internet presence for an organization and its extended enterprise. It recently introduced a number of unique approaches to secure organizations' use of Internet infrastructure with ActiveTrust ® BGP, ActiveTrust DNS, and ActiveTrust Resolver with TrapTrace. Directi worked with IID, acting against problematic domain names and sharing intelligence to take down a notorious botnet that was plaguing the internet for quite some time.

"Thank you for your exceptional coordination with our team and the other providers ... during the simultaneous shutdown. We wanted to follow up with you and let you know that despite the last minute unanticipated scramble, the takedown was a success and the botnet has been shutdown."
- Lauren Lamp, Manager / Service Delivery -

Fake Pharmacy Takedowns Coordinated by LegitScript

LegitScript is the leading source of information for patients, Internet users, physicians, businesses and other third parties who need to know if an Internet pharmacy is acting in accordance with the law and accepted standards of ethics and safety. LegitScript is identified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy as the only Internet pharmacy verification service that adheres to its standards. After affiliating with LegitScript, we have witnessed a steep downfall in fake pharma-related registrations. ResellerClub, Directi's wholesale registrar business, is mentioned in the comment below. (Ref: Directi No Safe Haven for Rogue Internet Pharmacies)

"Some registrars claim that they cannot shut down dangerous 'no-prescription-required' and fake online pharmacies. ResellerClub has proven that this is not true. By refusing to profit from dangerous, criminal activity at the expense of Internet users, ResellerClub has established itself as a responsible example for the rest of the Internet community."
- John Horton, President,

419 Feedback Loop with Artists Against 419 (AA419.ORG)

An honorary member of the APWG (Anti-Phishing Working Group), Artists Against 419 is a premier organization with expertise in identifying, cataloging, and terminating fraud sites. Our tie-up with them has been greatly successful in eliminating fraudulent registrations within our portfolio. (Ref:

"Many registrars do respond to abuse reports and take action against them. However none do it as quickly and efficiently as Directi. If all registrars and hosters take this approach, it might then be possible to reduce internet fraud."