Our policies will allow restricted registration access to entities within the legal industry only. We will back this policy with a well-defined Eligibility Restrictions Dispute Resolution Process (ERDRP) which allows us to rapidly take-down domain names that do not meet our eligibility criteria. It is our over-arching goal to develop .law as a clean, exclusive and high-quality name space where consumers can relate a .law website to a high-quality legal service provider. Select highlights of the stringent policies for the .law namespace are:

Eligibility Requirements:

.law will have a well-defined eligibility requirements and name selection policy for domain registrations within its namespace along with a dispute resolution process (Eligibility Restrictions Dispute Resolution Process - ERDRP) to resolve potential abuse. Our Eligibility and Name Selection policy and process has the following impact on RPMs:

  • Ensures that general domain names within .law are registered by entities that are a part of the legal industry
  • Ensures that in the unlikely scenario of a registrant or domain name that violates our eligibility criteria, the same can be addressed through the ERDRP
  • The above applies to general domain names whether registered during sunrise, Landrush or general availability

Eligibility and Restrictions Dispute Resolution (ERDRP)

As mentioned above, stringent eligibility criteria have been put in place for registering general names within the .law namespace. Any general domain name Registrant that does not fulfill the defined criteria is considered as abuse.

If the abuse desk receives any complaints concerning a domain name which violates the Eligibility Restrictions Policy the abuse desk will direct the complainant to an Eligibility and Restrictions Dispute Resolution Provider appointed by us.