Today, medical related information flows from numerous gTLD and ccTLD domain names. The web services offered provide no inherent assurances that these sources are accountable in some way to a licensed medical practitioner. When we look at a doctor or medical related website, an Internet user must decide whether or not the responsible party for that website is a licensed practitioner. We intend to restrict the registry of .Doctor, to ensure that only licensed medical practitioners can offer their web services through this new gTLD.

The .doctor registry will introduce a fundamentally simple but imperative registration restriction that will apply in all lifecycles of the .doctor TLD registration process. Registrants of .doctor will have to participate in a verification of their medical license as confirmed through data issued by the issuing authority of that license. This verification must occur in order for a .doctor registration to become active.

We will appoint a credible and specialized 3rd party agency to carry out the eligibility verification.

Specific details of our registration policies for the .doctor namespace are:

Eligibility Requirements And Name Selection:

.doctor will have well-defined eligibility requirements and name selection policy for domain registrations within its namespace along with a dispute resolution process (Eligibility Restrictions Dispute Resolution Process - ERDRP) to resolve potential abuse. Some salient features of our proposed Eligibility and Name Selection policy are:

  • Ensures that general domain names within .doctor are registered by certified medical professionals only
  • Each registered general domain name must be similar to the business name, common name, common law name, personal name, nick name, trademark name, corporate name
  • Ensures that in the unlikely scenario of a registrant or domain name that violates our eligibility criteria, the same can be addressed through the ERDRP
  • Ensures that the identity of the registrant is validated before the domain name is activated
  • The above applies to general domain names whether registered during sunrise, Landrush or general availability

Domain Validation:

The .doctor domain extension has an eligibility requirements policy and a digital assertion process Domains will not be activated until validation of these policies as follows:

  • Locks are applied to a Domain name upon initial registration to prevent any updates
  • The domain is directed to a temporary landing page providing next steps to the Registrant
  • The domain name and Registrant undergo validation (mentioned below)
  • Upon successful validation, the locks are removed. And the Registrant will be able to modify the nameservers of the domain and activate the same
  • If the validation fails, the domain name is deleted

Registrant Verification at the time of Registration:

The Whois information of every .doctor domain name is manually checked at the time of registration before the domain name is activated. This ensures that no domain registration can have inaccurate Whois information at registration time. The process involves verifying the identity of the Registrant by performing background checks, validating incorporation documents and verifying contact information. Also, Proxy Registrations will not be permitted.

Eligibility and Restrictions Dispute Resolution (ERDRP):

As mentioned above, stringent eligibility criteria have been put in place for registering general names within the .doctor namespace. Any general domain name Registrant that does not fulfill the defined criteria is considered as abuse.

If the abuse desk receives any complaints concerning a domain name which violates the Eligibility Restrictions Policy the abuse desk will direct the complainant to a Eligibility and Restrictions Dispute Resolution Provider appointed by us. However, this form of abuse will be minimal since a thorough eligibility check is performed at the time of registration before a general name is activated.