All Radix TLDs will offer a Sunrise phase for TradeMark Holders to protect their rights in our new extensions. Anyone that has registered their trademark with the Trademark Clearing House can apply for their domains during this phase through one of our Accredited Registrars .

The Sunrise phase for all our TLDs will be an End-date Sunrise meaning that it is not a First-Come, First-Served phase and all valid domain requests submitted during this phase will be allocated at the end of the 60 day period.

  • Eligibility: TM registered with TMCH
  • Type: End Date Sunrise
  • Allocation: At the end of the Sunrise phase
  • Auctions: Multiple requests for the same domain settled via auction

Early Access Phase

The Early Access Phase replaces the Landrush phase for some TLD launches. Following Sunrise, This phase is designed to give registrants priority access & the opportunity to register domains before they become available in General Availability, at an additional early access fee. The early access fee goes down from day 1 to day 7.

  • Domains allocated on a first-come first-serve basis
  • Open to all


Following Sunrise, is a priority registration phase giving your customers the opportunity to register valuable, high quality names in Radix TLDs before they become available on a First-come, First-served basis. The Landrush phase is completely open and anyone can submit a domain request for a name of their choice.

  • Eligibility: Open to all
  • Type: End Date Landrush
  • Allocation: At the end of the Landrush phase
  • Auctions: Multiple requests for the same domain settled via auction

General Availability

First-come, First-served registrations open to all.

  • FCFS
  • Open to all

Premium Domains

Radix will reserve some domains that will be available at a premium price from the Sunrise phase onwards. The pricing will be available to Registrars over EPP and offline lists.

These names will be available for registration at a premium price and will renew at the same premium price at which they were registered.

  • Availability: Sunrise Onwards
  • Pricing: Premium Registration & Renewal