Tech Lead

What is the company like?

Radix is The Directi Group’s initiative to globally operate 30+ new top level domains including .online, .tech, .web, .music, .blog, and .shop, as a part of ICANN’s project to open new, meaningful internet addresses.
Radix is India’s only and Asia’s largest new gTLD applicant under this program, and expects to play a large role in the global diversification of the internet namespace. The company recently launched .online, .site and .tech after having won some of these properties in a private auction. 
Radix TLDs are leading the charts as the top
fastest growing extensions with some TLDs breaking records to become the leader in the new domains pack.

What is the Job like?

As a Tech lead at Radix, you will be responsible for conceptualizing, designing and developing a variety of projects developed for users both internally and externally. These projects span multiple paradigms such as web interfaces, business intelligence, automation, CRM, and cyber security, to name a few. You must analyze the processes undertaken by various users and develop tools/applications to simplify or automate them wherever possible. You will be involved in the entire life cycle of these projects, including strategy, vision, design, UX, coding, architecture, deployment etc, and will be chiefly expected to deliver clean, well-designed, stable and highly available systems.

Your primary responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Lead and own the entire lifecycle of the product - design, documentation, coding, testing and deployment
  • Contribute hands-on, own, collaborate and deliver new features and services at a fast pace
  • Build platforms, frameworks, APIs, libraries & automated tools to facilitate rapid issue resolution and development & deployment of new features and changes.
  • Own the prioritization, scoping and scheduling processes for new products and features.
  • Work with and advice management on technical aspects, make well-informed decisions.
  • Improve processes, technology & the applications you own continuously by showing the team better ways of doing things and help improve skills in the team.
  • Prioritize tech-debt and ensure the platforms and applications meet the latest industry standards
  • Learn new technology & practices, coach the team and conduct training sessions - devote time for learning and continuous improvement of self and team.
  • Imbibe and maintain a strong customer service oriented attitude while designing and building products.
  • Recruit the best by owning the recruitment processes for your teams.

Who should apply for this role?

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills (including listening, speaking, and writing) and ability to work well in a diverse, team-focused environment with other Engineers, Product Managers, etc.
  • 5+ years of demonstrable experience developing software using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Excellent command over PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS
  • Knowledge of PHP frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter and JavaScript Frameworks such as JQuery
  • College or university degree in the field of computer science, information systems, or computer engineering. (B.E.,B.Sc. I.T, etc.).
  • Experience with databases such as PostgreSQL and MSSQL is an added advantage
  • Effective problem solving skills, sharp reasoning and a logical bent of mind
  • Sound understanding of user experience and design principles
  • Good written and oral communication skills.

Bonus Points

  • Advanced knowledge of DNS and web hosting concepts
  • Past participation in open source projects

Benefits & Perks

Radix employees love their jobs, and not just because we offer the most competitive salaries in the industry. Our excellent benefits include everything from great medical and life insurance to catered meals. Our workspaces are comfortable and fun, complete with bean bag chairs, ping pong tables, and all the snacks you can eat. We have no dress code (tee-shirts are a-ok!). We have flexible work hours and flexible holidays, which means that teams pick their own work hours. Radix has its own concierge desk that doubles up as a travel agency?

We are passionate about building the next generation of web products, and we believe that happy employees are the key to achieving this goal. If you like the idea of working in an exciting workspace on cutting-edge internet products that make a truly global impact (and wearing flip-flops to work), then we want to get to know you!